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Just For Laughs film festival on now

The Just For Laughs film festival is on now, with a great line-up of new and independent films that’ll knock your socks off. Tonight is the premiere of Humpday, a comedy about what happens when two long-lost friends get back together… and decide to make a porno. Presented by Joshua Leonard of The Blair Witch Project, this “beyond gay” film explores the straight-male bromance as well as the desire to make art out of pornography—not to mention the perilous task of informing your wife that you’re making a dirty sex film with your best friend.

Margaret Cho's latest film, Beautiful, premieres July 25 (photo by Austin Young, courtesy of

Margaret Cho's latest film, Beautiful, premieres July 25 (photo by Austin Young, courtesy of

In other festival picks, I’m looking forward to seeing Margaret Cho’s latest tour film, Beautiful, on July 25 at 7 PM. As described on the JFL website:

Armed with something more potent than lip gloss — a mouth so shocking and raunchy it should be stamped with a warning – Cho toured America with her manifesto: “This show is really about how we should feel beautiful,” says Cho. “When you feel beautiful, you’re going to have more of a willingness to use your voice to speak.”

I’m a big fan of Margaret Cho’s feminist, queer-positive work, so this is a no-brainer pick for me. I will pretty much see anything she’s willing to produce, regardless of its topic. Even if she doesn’t do the impression of her Korean mother in the gay bookstore she used to own, or talk about how you can only get ripped abs by sucking cock. Shocking? Raunchy? Not really. It’s just Margaret Cho being Margaret Cho, talking about her own experiences, and promoting positivity in a world that tends to undermine or simply ignore passionate voices like hers. And that’s pretty damn beautiful to me.

Of course if you’re more into mainstream comedy, you might want to check out the latest Judd Apatow flick, Funny People, the story of a comedian who has a near-death experience. Is it a serious film, or seriously funny? Find out on July 25 at 9:30 PM.

Finally, if you’re interested in the science behind the comedy, be sure to make it out for Albert Nerenberg’s Laughology. While philosophers and the Bible have shunned laughter, Nerenberg is convinced that it’s some of the best medicine around. Join him on July 22 at 9 PM to meet the man with the world’s most contagious laugh and see for yourself.

Let’s play "Spot the morons"!


The police is asking for your help to identify the idiots who have sullied our city’s reputation all over the continent. Several movies and photographs of the rioters have been posted on the SPVM website along with contact information should you recognize any of them and are feeling in a vindictive mood.

After you’re done, check out Fagstein’s excellent listing of various Habs riot myths.

Twittering the Habs game

It may not be the same at being in the Bell Centre or La Cage aux Sports but Twitter certainly makes for a more enjoyable game. I felt like laurentlasalle, TanMcG, JohnnyCanuck, stephdau and JeromeParadis were right here with me.

  • Game on!
  • The Bruins are playing much much better than last time.
  • The throwing of the puck behind the blue line, it displeases us.
  • Now we are pleased. 1-0 Mtl.
  • Don Cherry’s vest, it burns, it burns us!
  • I like this second period much better that the first one. Now 2-0 Mtl.
  • @laurentlasalle @JeromeParadis Price is certainly a prime candidate for the first star of the night.
  • Gotta make sure that the families of our cherished Russian players remain gainfully employed…more vodka.
  • Bad defensive play, they never should have had that return. 2-1 Mtl.
  • Even though the Habs were one man down, Kovalev got some one-on-one quality time with the Bruin’s goalie…just before Boston tied it 2-2.
  • Somebody slip some Valium to Kovalev, he almost caused us to miss out on another power play.
  • Kostopoulos got hit on the face…and we have blood. At least we’ll end the game in a power play.
  • We hit the goal post with 0.1 sec remaining…overtime!
  • @laurentlasalle Nope, just saw the rerun, 0.1 sec.
  • For those of you who can’t see the abomination that is Don Cherry’s vest.
  • YYYEEEAAAHHHH! We win it 3-2. I just could not believe that we could spend 6 min in power play without nailing one.

Emergency evacuation of all schools from the Montreal School Board

I have just learned that the “Commission scolaire de Montreal” has ordered the evacuation of all of its schools.

Évacuation d’urgence, le vendredi 14 mars 2008 – Compte tenu de l’accumulation de neige, à titre de mesure préventive, la CSDM procède actuellement à l’évacuation de tous ses établissements scolaires. Les endroits où les élèves ont été déplacés seront indiqués sur chacune des portes des établissements. Une chaîne téléphonique a été déclenchée pour joindre tous les parents. Tous les établissements scolaires seront donc fermés jusqu’au lundi 17 mars inclusivement.

High school students are being sent home while the evacuation points for younger students are listed on the doors of their respective schools. This decision came as a result of inspections that were ordered after a snow-induced roof collapse killed three workers in Morin Heights.

Schools from the Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, which covers most of the West Island, are not considered to be at risk and classes will continue this afternoon.

Wondering what to do tonight?

Studying Life in the Universe

Flying in during THE storm, our experience with KLM

By now, a lot of the local media has been covering the misadventures of all of those “poor” travelers who were returning from a week (or more) in the sun only to fall victim of The Storm of 2008 (trademarked). I still don’t understand why some companies still consider it normal to keep their passengers prisoners of their metal tubes for 12 hours as the water runs out and the toilets start to overflow. What do you think will happen when next year’s clients start their research by googling “Air Cubana”?On Saturday, we were on our way back from Rome via Amsterdam on a KLM MD11. We’ve known since Wednesday that we would be coming in during a storm but the captain was hoping to get us in just before the worst of it. Unfortunately, the position of the jet-stream forced us on a flight path that was much further north than usual (seeing Greenland was immensely cool) and KLM lost their bet.We were initially diverted to Detroit but, as we flew over Ontario, the captain was told that the weather over Toronto was “barely” acceptable. Since many of his passengers didn’t have a visa to enter the US, he decided to give Pearsons a try. That guy was one great pilot, although the visibility over YYZ was atrocious, this was the smoothest landing I’ve seen in years. Not everyone was so lucky, while we were taxiing to our gate, we could barely see the landing lights of another plane as it came in but then aborted its landing.From that point on, we would spend many hours simply waiting. Waiting to be allowed to disembark (1 hour), waiting for our bags (2 hours), waiting in line at the check-in the next day (4.5 hours), waiting for our departure authorization after boarding (1.5 hours) and waiting for the stupid people movers (1.5 hours) at Trudeau Airport because we were now a “domestic” flight. Total travel time from our Rome appartment to our house in Pierrefonds, 50 hours. Nevertheless, we were always kept informed, the water, booze and juices didn’t run out, the toilets didn’t overflow and, even through they were under no legal obligation to do so, KLM got all of their passengers to spend Saturday night in a nice hotel in downtown Toronto. They even paid for a breakfast buffet on Sunday which did wonders for our mood. Furthermore, we could really tell that they were doing all that they could to get us at our final destination. No bullshit, if they didn’t know about something they told us so. Importantly, if they told us a time estimate they also told us where the info came from and whether we should believe it or not. Sometimes the captain would get so frustrated with ground control that his communications were almost funny but we appreciated being treated like adults for a change. All in all, the crew performed admirably under very difficult conditions.The moral of the story is that sometimes you get what you pay for. Cheap flights are cheap because they can’t afford to plan for anything else than optimal conditions.

Very hot winter

10C in January

This is too much for my tiny little brain. I don’t get it. If it’s true, I will enjoy it, but I really don’t get it. January and February are supposed to be the coldest months of the year. DOeS nOT comPUte!

Christmas Parties Overlapping

Nous sommes dans la période dans laquelle nous devons assister à plusieurs réunions et partys. Étrangement cette année, les soirées auxquelles j’ai été invitée sont à des jours différents.

But how would you choose from several parties in one night? I would probably take into account three things: weather, proximity and cost, assuming that the people who invited me are equal friends. Priority would obviously go for family, even if some I hate.

Why do people always run towards family even when there’s hatred and annoyance? I guess that’s only a part of what’s called holiday spirit and unconditional love.

Mois de la photo à Montréal

Does anybody know about this thing? I have no idea what it’s about because I didn’t read the website. I just bumped into it while looking for something else that I haven’t found yet, but I’m interrupting that, because photography is interesting.

It’s at its 10th edition and it’s the first time I hear about it. Since photography has become so accessible, there’s a great increase in interest too.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to what I’m searching for, here’s the website for Le mois de la photo à Montréal.


Just in case you want to see a bunch of nerds talking about our favorites subjects, downtown parking and Apple Computers.

The Gazette editorial on the Ville-Marie borough’s refusal to remove three parkometers in front of the future Apple flagship store is now on the Slashdot front page.

Will the servers survive the dreaded slashdot effect?

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