Bell Canada and Net Neutrality

   Recent story in The Globe and Mail regarding the throttling of P2P traffic as well as recent discussions on various forums, have determined that Bell Canada is now throttling all P2P traffic. Not just theirs, that is on Sympatico, but anyone who happens to be a client of Bell including independent 3rd party ISP’s such as TekSavvy.

I’m surprised, but not really. The Achilles heel  of all of these DSL outfits was that the last mile is Bell Canada. And Bell Canada being what they are, have a tendency to do things the way a monopoly feels it should. I am proud to say that for the past two years, not one Bell bill enters my home. I am completely free of them. I’ve been scorned once too often by that company and therefore have sworn them off.

This latest move by them only reinforces this idea.

So the battle by all these 3rd party ISP’s now begins. Bring in the lawyers, the government lobbying and everything that goes with it.

It’s a shame but it’s a perfect example of why we need Net Neutrality in Canada.

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  1. RS (rasears) on March 27th, 2008 @ 2:29 pm

    It’s important to get the word out: they are not just throttling "p2p" traffic, but ANY ENCRYPTED TRAFFIC, including your work VPN connection, secure file transfer, etc…some report VOIP is also affected (huh, wonder why Bell would want to mess with your 3rd party IP telephone?). The throttle exists from 5pm to 3am (exactly when I need my VPN TO WORK FROM HOME!) and even if you do not see it yet, it will be in place at all COs by April 7th.

    Bell was forced in to wholesaling to protect us from this sort of anti-consumer decision making by giving us a choice, but there obviously needs to be an even greater separation between ISPs and last mile providers to protect us. This is extraordinarily anti-competitive behavior.

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