Open letter to the Bouchard-Taylor Commission

As a response to the anti-immigrant sentiments expressed at the “reasonable accommodation” hearings, Université de Montréal doctoral student Caroline Allard has written an open letter which she invites “Québécois de souche” to sign. An excerpt from the English translation:

We are preoccupied with the fact some testimony before the Bouchard-Taylor Commission, testimony that is intolerant and harsh toward cultural minorities, could be interpreted as reflecting the opinion of a majority of so-called old-stock francophones. We think, rather, that this testimony, which caricatures the practices of other cultures, reveals a profound ignorance of the reality of people from different cultural communities. What’s more, this ignorance feeds a close-mindedness about the connections that it is possible to make among Quebecers, old and new. We want to make clear our openness to cultural communities and to dissociate ourselves clearly from some of what has been said before the commission. Just because some things were said in public does not, we insist, mean they represent the state of mind of the majority of “old-stock” Quebecers.

The letter currently has 3076 signatures and will be formally presented to the Bouchard-Taylor Commission in several weeks time. The original French text is available at; an English translation was published in Friday’s Montreal Gazette and can be found here. To add your signature to the letter, click here.

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  1. DAVE ID (unregistered) on November 10th, 2007 @ 4:20 pm

    C’est signé

    Quand j’écoute ce cirque a RDI j’ai souvent le gout de vomir de degout face a ce que je dois entendre, comme le cave qui dit que la Taliban a inventé l’Islam. Heille faut-tu etre CON?

    La plupart du temps je finis par changer de poste, c’est comme écouter une conference de George Bush, je sens mon QI en danger d’une baisse, alors je m’enfuis.

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