First Time to Yulblog and Shameless Self-promo

Yulblog is a monthly gathering of Montreal bloggers. I’ve known about it since before I started writing on Metroblogging Montreal in December 2004. It’s odd that my first attendance is almost three years later. I actually wrote the second post ever on this blog which makes me the longest runner on this thing, but I think I might just be the youngest (23) blogger here. How ironic!

“In those days”, Yulblog was still small. Very few people went, but very few people had blogs too. Those were the days when a table or two in a bar would be enough to accommodate everybody.

Last night, at La Quincaillerie, it was nothing like that; half the bar was filled with bloggers all doing different things with their lives. Blogging is the one thing they all have in common… alcohol and poutine are apparently other things they have in common. La Banquise, just next door, is known by many as the place to eat poutine.

Poutine, by the way, is a mixture of French fries, cheese and hot gravy. The inventor died not so long ago. It’s very good and unhealthy. I love it.

At Yulblog, I met Rudy and Casey, the people behind and in front of the popular show Galacticast. We were talking and I happened to mention that I was creating a few shows, one of them called Studio 20 Montreal. I was surprised that Rudy already knew about it, because I’ve been somewhat secretive about this project until the previous night when I created a Facebook group of the same name, without inviting anybody. There’s probably like only 10 people in the world who know about Studio 20 Montreal… until just now. It turns out that Rudy saw the Facebook group I created and he suggested that I do more promotion.

And this is where the shameless self-promotion part of this post’s title kicks in (no! the above was not promotion, it was a story based on reality! :) I only created the group to see how many people would join before any promoting. There were only two which is very sad. But that’s round 1: doing nothing and relaxing, before working our asses off every week for no money.

Studio 20 MontrealRound 2 is what I’m doing now: talking about it and telling people that in a week from yesterday, we are releasing the release date :) Yeah :P I’ve never done marketing so I thought this is a good opportunity to do it creatively. I’m also trying to create a little hype which puts me under a lot of pressure, but I love pressure even though the fear of being unable to live up to any kind of hype is scaring the hell out of me.

Studio 20 Montreal est en français et je vous invite à vous joindre au groupe sur Facebook pour obtenir les dernières nouvelles… lorsqu’il y en a. Viewers who would rather see something in English, worry not, it’s coming up in a completely different flavor. Of course it’s going to be different, otherwise we could just put subtitles in 20 languages.

That’s it for the promotion of Studio 20 Montreal. I left Yulblog at… I don’t remember when I left, but I do remember sleeping at around 2 A.M. and being late at work this morning.

Of course, if one thing goes wrong, everything has to follow. “Ralentissement de service sur la ligne orange” and later on, “Ralentissement de service sur la ligne bleue”.

All in all, it was an interesting Yulblog meeting. I don’t know if I will go again next month. I don’t know if I will not go again either.

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  1. Long (unregistered) on September 11th, 2007 @ 8:25 pm

    A little follow-up as a comment rather than a post, because this could easily turn into a conflict of interest situation. So… Studio 20 Montreal has group on Facebook that you can join and the announcement of the official launch has been posted.

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