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A lot of restaurants in my Old Montreal neighborhood are touristy, with a maitre d’ who stands outside urging you to eat there. But some of the neighborhood’s best eateries don’t even have a sign.

A couple of insider-ish places worth splurging on in Vieux Montreal are Chasse et Peche (423 rue St. Claude) and the wine bar/restaurant Aszu (212 rue Notre Dame est). Both have the dainty-morsel-on-a-big-white-plate aesthetic (i.e. you might want a snack before or after), but are adventurous in their cuisine.

If you’re not into nouvelle cuisine, go to Aszu just for the wine bar, where you can buy tasting portions from the vast wine collection. (Aszu imports wine privately, so they have things you won’t find at the SAQ).

Any other out-of-the way restaurants you know about? Places without signs, where you just have to know where you’re going? (And yes, I know they’re all listed in the various restaurant guides, but that’s cheating.)

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  1. Laiya (unregistered) on February 14th, 2007 @ 3:41 pm

    I don’t know if this is all that obscure but it’s a tiny little Italian resto tucked away on Stanley just below Ste Catherine called “CafĂ© Presto”. It sits opposite a parking lot and has a small window front so you could easily walk by without noticing it. But if you want authentic hearty Italian dishes like your nona made, this is the place to go. Tables are small and tightly spaced but the lack of elbow room is made up for by the charming staff and good food. There’s even a little bell at the cash that they ring after you pay to say grazie.

  2. Webs (unregistered) on February 19th, 2007 @ 11:42 am

    I finished a tourism article in January that included a survey of the city’s glorious restaurant scene. (I am an amateur foodie.)

    Old Montreal restaurants I included were:

    Auberge le St. Gabriel
    Aix Cuisine du Terroir
    Club Chasse et Peche
    Olive & Gourmando

    Restaurants not in Old Montreal that are worth a visit:

    Europea (the most underrated place in the city)
    Nuances (also travels under the radar)
    Joe Beef (possibly the best in the city)
    Au Petit Extra
    Au Pied de Cochon
    La Chronique
    Le Piemontais (reviewed in the Gazette this week)
    Chez Magnan
    La Baguette d’Ivoire
    Star of India

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