France & Portugal Take to the Streets,Take 2.

My evening commute takes me through the heart of the Plateau. At one point the traffic got a bit jammed near Rachel and St-Laurent so I decided to see what the Portugese were up to.

Many people were somber as could be expected. Many were still cheering and congratulating their team for getting this far. Unfortunately, there were also some hooligans in the streets blocking traffic from time to time and beating on cars. They also took a flag or two from passing cars of French fans who were proudly waving them. The police swooped though a couple times and restored a loose sense of order.

From there I decided to walk down to St-Denis to see what the French were up to. They were cheering, singing, waving their flags, and jumping up and down for a television camera stationed nearby. Quite a jovial scene.

An interesting aspect was that there were French and Portugese fans passing back and forth between the two locales. The aire was quite civil. The Portugese were quitely making their way to the next destination, while the French were cheering to each other, but not toward those in green and red in a taunting manner.

Best of luck to the French and Italians on Sunday.

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