Favorite Restaurants

As I was walking around today looking for a place to eat, I thought it would be an interesting idea to poll people as to what are their favorite restaurants in Montreal.  So for the following categories what is your favorite place.  I’ve added my own favorites in parenthesis.

Beer (Biere et Companie)

Breakfast (Jardin Nelson)

Burgers (Les Belles Soeurs)





Crepes (Jardin Nelson)






Greek (Ouzeri)

Indian (La Taj or Gandhi)




Mexican/Tex-Mex (Cafe de Matéo)

North African


Pizza (Miss Italia)


Poutine (Ma’ame Bolduc)


Ribs (Bofinger)







So what are your favorites?

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  1. Laura Roberts (vforvixen) on June 28th, 2009 @ 9:04 pm

    Hmmmm… okay, here are my faves:

    Beer – I dunno, I hate beer. But for drinks? Brutopia is very nice.

    Breakfast – B&M

    Burgers – my house (no one can match my awesome burger-making abilities!)

    Cafe – I have a bunch, but downtown I like Kafeïn

    Cajun/Creole – I’ve never tried Cajun/Creole food, unless you count the gumbo a friend made me in Baton Rouge….

    Caribbean – Again, I’m not familiar with any Caribbean place in MTL.

    Chinese – Wok Café

    Crepes – Hmm. I don’t think I’ve sampled any crepes in Montreal, oddly enough.

    Deli – No Montreal deli can compare to any deli in NYC. PERIOD.

    English/Irish – Gross. Who the eff actually likes/eats English or Irish food?

    Fondue – Again, this is a food that just isn’t done.

    French – No thank you.

    German/Austrian/Polish – I’ve only tried the Polish at Kalinka, and the service was terrible, so I can’t recommend it. Try the pierogies from Supermarché PA instead.

    Greek – Meh.

    Indian – DADs Bagels

    Italian – Please. I can make better Italian food in my kitchen than any Italian resto in this damn town.

    Japanese/Sushi – Aka Fuji

    Lebanese – Boustan

    Mexican/Tex-Mex – Mesa 14

    North African – ??

    Pastries – anyplace that makes chocolatines = good.

    Pizza – Fine Pointe

    Portugese – no idea

    Poutine – La Banquise

    Quebecois – As if! There are no "Quebecois" food items that are worth consuming.

    Ribs – Haven’t looked.

    Salads – No one in Montreal knows how to make a proper Caesar salad for under $10, because everyone here is out to rip you off.

    Sandwiches – So many to choose from, but I’ll say Santropol because theirs are quite original.

    Seafood – There is no decent seafood in Montreal. Fete de homard is a JOKE!

    Steak – Home-made.

    Thai – Bangkok

    Vietnamese – Pho Bac

  2. seekodin on July 6th, 2009 @ 7:16 pm

    Beer (Biere et Companie)

    Breakfast (Reuben’s)

    Burgers (Reuben’s)

    Chinese (Mr Ma)

    Deli (Reuben’s)

    French (Chez Leveque)

    Greek (Molivos)

    Indian (Gandhi)

    Italian (Primo & Secondo)

    Japanese/Sushi (Kaizen)

    Lebanese (La Sirene de la Mer)

    North African (Au Tarot)

    Pizza (Bardeco)

    Portugese (Jano)

    Sandwiches (Reuben’s)

    Seafood (Ferreira)

    Steak (La Queue de Cheval)

    Thai (Chao Phraya)

    Vietnamese (Nouveau Saigon)

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