Street art Montreal: Omen

Today started off grey, cold and rainy—more like San Francisco weather than the type of stuff we normally get in Montreal! Since my original plan had been to go downtown, have lunch with a friend, and then wander around taking pix that I could share with you, and the rain had kept me from bringing my camera, I decided to instead consult Flickr to see if they had any interesting shots.

As it turns out, they do!

The first one I wanted to share with you is actually a shot of some rad graffiti, the photo of which was contributed by Flickr user christopher.woo:


"Montreal Graffiti" by Christopher Woo

This photo reminded me of a shot I had on my camera, another piece of street art I’d taken a picture of when I was out and about last week near Chinatown:

Jazz graffiti by Omen514 (photo by Laura Roberts)

Jazz graffiti by Omen (photo by Laura Roberts)

I snapped a photo of it because I recognized a famous shot of Billie Holiday in the design, and then realized the artist had also included John Coltrane and Miles Davis, three jazz legends. Who was this graffiti artist, who threw up images of jazz musicians instead of his own tags? As I cropped the photo down a bit in Photoshop, I noticed the tag that said ““, which I looked up to find the artist’s website and plenty more shots of his street art.

If you go to Omen’s gallery you can see a lot of cool pieces, including some that are painted “legally” (i.e. with a building owner’s permission), as well as some works on canvas. If you’re interested in checking out Omen’s work in person, he’s got a show coming up in July at the FIMA visual arts festival here in Montreal. I hadn’t even realized Montreal had a visual arts festival, so that was news to me.

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about Omen, be sure to check out this 2002 article, “‘Trane spotting” from the Montreal Mirror, which gives a brief overview of his background and raison d’être.

Stay tuned for my next installment on street art: Roadsworth!

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