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R.I.P. Griffintown? (Hells, no!)

March to save Griffintown
The funeral march from Griffintown to City Hall took place this afternoon. Complete with dogs, babies, musicians, speakers and a coffin, the protest drew upwards of 150 people. Have a look through the Flickr album to see the townspeople in action. The decision is slated to be made at City Hall tomorrow evening, and hopefully, a glimmer of hope will dawn upon the evolution of our fair city.

March for Montreal

The Griffintown development issue sure is on everyone’s mind, these days. In brief, Griffintown is now a hot topic for Montreal. It’s a great up-and-coming area between University and Guy (some say all the way to Georges-Vanier) from Notre-Dame to the waterfront. Imagine a bustling and friendly new neighbourhood right south of the downtown core. Unfortunately developers have come in and are keen to make it into another short-sighted Dix30 eyesore, fraught with gigantic condo buildings and big-box stores, alienating residents. This decision was taken with no real public consultation whatsoever.

There will be a march to from Griffintown to the Hotel de Ville organized this Sunday April 27 at 3pm starting at the horse palace at 1220 Ottawa, down by the canal. I personally, have never been one to rally for causes, deferring to other more zealous individuals to fight for common beliefs. However, the Griffintown cause is one that affects all of us in this city, and more importantly, I’m convinced that the strength of the people actually might just make a difference. So if you’re interested in keeping Montreal beautiful with well-thought out urban planning and attention paid to those of us who love and live in this city, come join us on the march!

Griffintown march

Sites of interest:
Save Griffintown
Facebook event

Help support the cause!

Let’s play "Spot the morons"!


The police is asking for your help to identify the idiots who have sullied our city’s reputation all over the continent. Several movies and photographs of the rioters have been posted on the SPVM website along with contact information should you recognize any of them and are feeling in a vindictive mood.

After you’re done, check out Fagstein’s excellent listing of various Habs riot myths.

Riot and shooter

Well… what a day! The Habs won last night. One step closer to the cup. So much joy and a great reason to celebrate, but of course, human nature dictates that people shouldn’t just feel joy and happiness, but they must also disturb everything around them through senseless riots. What’s wrong with tasers? Nothing. It’s just people.

Next, we have a possible shooter at the Cegep du Vieux-Montreal according to American authorities. The school is closed and the doors are locked. All measures for prevention seem to be paying off since nothing has happened yet and hopefully, nothing will happen.

Like I said, what a day!

Next game, Thursday!

Twittering the Habs game

It may not be the same at being in the Bell Centre or La Cage aux Sports but Twitter certainly makes for a more enjoyable game. I felt like laurentlasalle, TanMcG, JohnnyCanuck, stephdau and JeromeParadis were right here with me.

  • Game on!
  • The Bruins are playing much much better than last time.
  • The throwing of the puck behind the blue line, it displeases us.
  • Now we are pleased. 1-0 Mtl.
  • Don Cherry’s vest, it burns, it burns us!
  • I like this second period much better that the first one. Now 2-0 Mtl.
  • @laurentlasalle @JeromeParadis Price is certainly a prime candidate for the first star of the night.
  • Gotta make sure that the families of our cherished Russian players remain gainfully employed…more vodka.
  • Bad defensive play, they never should have had that return. 2-1 Mtl.
  • Even though the Habs were one man down, Kovalev got some one-on-one quality time with the Bruin’s goalie…just before Boston tied it 2-2.
  • Somebody slip some Valium to Kovalev, he almost caused us to miss out on another power play.
  • Kostopoulos got hit on the face…and we have blood. At least we’ll end the game in a power play.
  • We hit the goal post with 0.1 sec remaining…overtime!
  • @laurentlasalle Nope, just saw the rerun, 0.1 sec.
  • For those of you who can’t see the abomination that is Don Cherry’s vest.
  • YYYEEEAAAHHHH! We win it 3-2. I just could not believe that we could spend 6 min in power play without nailing one.

Beautiful Sun Over Montreal

Students assis sur les escaliers

It’s annoying for anybody who want to go through the stairs, but it’s nice to see everybody enjoy nature.

The Main – Still Under Construction

According to an article in La Presse, Gaz Metropolitain has discovered that they need to dig 40 holes along the Main.

I’m speechless. After everything The Main has gone through in the past two years. What all the merchants and citizens of that area have gone through, it’s unimaginable that Gaz Met has just woken up to realize that they now need to rip the street open again.


Une promenade après le travail

La semaine dernière, la journée où la température était environ 11C, plutôt que d’aller chez moi après le travail, j’avais fait une promenade d’une heure sous le beau soleil. Ça faisait énormément de bien.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai presque fait la même chose; la promenade a duré 30 minutes plutôt qu’une heure. Il y a un beau soleil avec un petit vent bien doux.

Ce n’est pas comme si je n’avais pas autres choses à faire avec des échéances à respecter, mais en bon québécois, je dirais “Je me calisse du reste! Je veux faire une promenade!”

And just like that, it was gone

Manege MilitaireHDR Quebec city AumouryManege Militaire

Right now words fail me.

As “luck” would have it, we were scheduled for a Saturday family lunch at my brother-in-law’s condo near the Plaines d’Abraham. We had just learned about the explosion and fire at the Quebec city Armoury so, after an excellent meal, we decided to walk over to survey the damage.

It was so much worse than we expected.

I was raised in Quebec city and it just breaks my heart so see such a notable landmark dissapear just like that. While the North wall seems to have survived pretty well (stone isn’t a very good combustible), most of the building has been completely gutted.

You can see more pictures on Flickr.

Le dernier coup de l’hiver

What happened today, yesterday actually, was beautiful. That snow could have been the same one for Christmas. I consider it the last blow of winter. It’s like a losing boxer who has enough energy left to do a little significant damage, but after the blow, there is no way he can recover. For the next 6 months, I don’t think the temperature will be lower than today, I mean yesterday, April 4.

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