Looks like they changed the furniture while I was gone

Unless you are visiting us on a web browser, you might not have noticed that a lot has changed in the Metroblogging world over the past week. “Unfortunately” I was on vacation in Rome so I have been unable to comment about these changes until now. In addition to the new layout, you will now have the opportunity to rate our entries. The damage to our egos is expected to be fairly severe but I have been promised ample stocks of Prozac and Single Malt Scotch. Another significant change is that commenting will require signing up for an account. While this may seem to be an unneeded addition for Metroblogging Montreal, the situation in other cities has made this requirement necessary. This will also make it much easier to magically transform prolific/clever commentors into official authors. Yes, I now have that kind of awesome power (I think, I haven’t tried my new magic wand yet). The most significant change, by far, is under the hood. The Metroblogging sites are now powered by a homemade variant of WordPress. Those of you who posted comments in the old MT-“un”powered version have probably noticed how slow it was. Trust me, it was even worse when posting stories and this was not helping with our productivity. Some of our old authors have already expressed interest in contributing again.

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