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Montreal like you’ve never seen it before

Montreal in HDR

A lot of planets needed to be aligned for this shot to happen: A new steadier tripod, a clear sky, no wind, great visibility, new HDR software and, especially, no teenage daughters urgently asking for a lift on this Saturday evening. My sister commented that it almost looks like these images of a vibrant and futuristic Tokyo that you often see in anime movies.

The image above is only a small part of a much larger photograph. Click on the image to see the original version, and, if you’re blessed with a large-enough screen, check out this link for the full panoramic version.

Indoor Bike Parking..

I was at the bike show this past Friday evening and one of the booths was advertising Cyclostation Mavélocity . They appear to be offering as of June 1 showers, coffee, bike repair services and secure parking for your bike.

They will be located on 345 De La Gauchetière West (between De Bleury and St-Alexandre).

A fantastic idea if you ask me.

Outdoor Picnic

As I rode home yesterday from work, I started to ride up my street and there in all it’s ultimate horror were the little orange signs indicating snow clearing from 07:00 – 19:00

On my new street, they actually clear the snow during the day. Something they never did were I previously lived.

I went through the 7 known stages of grief:

1) Shock and Denial – No, I am SURE I parked the car on the other side of the street. Yes, I can remember now.. Coming home from snowboarding and I thought “they’ll clear the right side first, I’ll park there”.

2) Pain and Guilt – Oh WHY did I park on the wrong side ? Ug, this is going to be hell. I’ll never find a place to park. It’s all over. They’ll tow my car, I’ll go into debt, they’ll Denver Boot it and I’ll lose everything. I hate winter.

3) Anger and Bargaining – Ok, maybe if I call the city, I can get them to change their minds. Ya, those blue collar worker types, they’re a cool bunch. They always look so relaxed. They’ll move the signs for me. I know it.

4) Depression – Who am I kidding? Oh I so long for the days when I lived at the other apartment when they cleared the snow only at night. There’s no spots now. There will be no spots tomorrow. Where did I put that bottle of prozac ?

5) The upward turn – I slept horribly. Tossing and turning all night worrying about where I would put my car in the morning. I woke up, grabbed a bowl of Cheerios (did you get that? upward turn.. Cheerios) and camped out on my front porch.. Listening and looking like a hunter trying to catch his elusive prey: the Montreal parking spot. I could hear cars starting.. there’s hope!

6) Reconstruction working through – Hang on! Someone IS leaving.. and they are on the right side of the street! I dropped the half eaten bowl of Cheerios on the front porch and raced out to grab the spot.

7) Acceptance and hope – Sitting in my car, pieces of wet cheerios stuck to my t-shirt, I sat for a while in silence admiring my new spot. Montreal in the winter isn’t such a horrible place. It’s actually quite fantastic. I love winter. Really, I do.

Wait, don’t they normally clear the other side the night after clearing the first side ?

V-Day Montréal

Vaginas are coming to town! Yes, that’s right, V-Day Montreal is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues in the form of a bilingual benefit production.

From the press release:

Where: Doubletree by Hilton Montréal Centre-Ville Hotel, 505 Sherbrooke Est.
When: February 15 & 16, 6pm VIP Reception and Art Show,
7pm Doors, 8pm Show
Admission: $30 General Admission, $50 VIP Access
Ticket Purchasing: (800) 361-4595
Mission: To raise funds and awareness to stop violence against women and girls in the Montreal community

Celebrity guest performances will also be featured in the show. For more details check out the website at

Uber Fast Ultra 2000 Plus

As some of you have no doubt read, Videotron is releasing their Uber Fast Ultra High Speed 2000 Plus internet service package.

Speeds are reported to max out at 50mbps. But as others have mentioned this comes with a 50gb download limit per month. After which, there is a penalty fee to pay.

Anyone who has a relatively fast connection to the web knows that the bottleneck isn’t from your house to the provider. It’s elsewhere. Even with just their Super Ultra Fast package it’s difficult to max out the pipe coming into your house.

So what’s the bleeding point ? If there was no cap, you could become a local reseller and just offer up Wifi to your neighbours. But really, I don’t get it.

Do you ?

More and more I find that cable and tv suppliers are becoming less and less relevant. At least in my life. I dumped cable tv over a year ago. We have a TV that we bought at Crappy Tire and a DVD player that my girlfriend bought from Jean Coutu.. It serves us very well. She rents Sex in the City and I buy European Bike racing DVD’s from the states.

My original plan was to get an unlimited connection, nice and fast, and download TV shows. Bah. Never bothered. Too much work for 60 minutes of blah. I don’t miss TV and in all honesty, when this contract with Videotron runs out, I’m going back to Teksavvy with no contract and dropping my monthly internet fees.

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