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Turkey time

Last weekend, I said to spouse, “I want to have a real Thanksgiving this year.” He looked at me quizzically and said, “We don’t do that here.” As if I couldn’t have figured that out over the past seven years. I said that I missed that (clearly anglo) tradition and would it be alright if I invited his folks over for dinner Monday. He reiterated the fact that Quebecers don’t really celebrate the day. Then I asked him, “Give me one reason why you would refuse a turkey dinner? I’ll make everything.” And he acquiesced. After all, I’m doing all the work. I said, “Will this be your first Thanksgiving truly celebrated in Quebec?” And he said, indeed it would be. I’m sure Quebecers are full of thanks too, so I’m a little confused as to why the holiday never caught on here. (Or is it more commonly celebrated than I’m led to believe?)

No matter, the markets had everything on sale this week to prepare for the feast. I got a nice big bird for $1.50 a pound, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, yams and everything for the secret family recipe: green bean casserole. Then I get to eat turkey sandwiches for lunch all week. Youpi!

Celebrating or not, I wish all of you a gratitude filled day. Happy Thanksgiving!

Last Day of Summer

Out doing intervals yesterday on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, and as I was finishing my last set, the sun was dipping behind the mountain and the city’s skyline was lit up in the foreground. The sky was of a glorious orange/red.Tthe lights from the boats docked in the port were giving off a calming glow.

Rollerbladers, fellow cyclists, joggers, all outside taking in what is summer on borrowed time.

Riding through Old Montreal, and I watched the post 5 a 7 crowd of 30-40 somethings dressed to the 9’s.

In town, people outside having dinner or having a glass of something, in shorts and summer wear, people watching.

Come home and check the weather forecast and this looks to be it. The last day of summer is today.

Take the day off work, call in sick or at least take a long walk at lunch and try and skip out early. Take out your bike, rollerblades or take the kids to the park and kick a soccer ball around.. whatever it is that you do on a nice sunny day.

This is it. This could very well be the last day of summer until next June.

Get outside and enjoy it.

Be seen

Riding to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve yesterday and along Viger, I noticed that the city has painted what looks to be the start of a bike path. Could this be ? It starts from at least Papineau and goes straight until McGill. I ride that route almost daily on the way to another workout.

A bike path there would be fantastic.

Two things I wanted to mention to cyclists now that Autumn is upon us. The first is wet leaves. Many of the bike paths are now covered in leaves. When they are dry, they don’t pose much of a problem. However, when they are wet, they are slippy as all get out. So be careful on rainy days.

The next is purchasing LED lights. All my bikes have lights on them for when I ride after sunset (which now is getting depressingly sooner and sooner). The idea behind these LED lights isn’t so much to see better. Because if you really want something that will illuminate your way, you are going to have to spend lots of money. The idea behind LED lights is to beseen. I’m not just referring to cars but also fellow cyclists and pedestrians. I picked up two yesterday at ABC for 12 bucks a pop.

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