Book Launch

I’ve got this buddy of mine that I have known since High School. For as long as I have known Mark, he’s been one of those guys who just never stops having ideas for stories, movies, music.. you name it.

There’s always something going on and you figure sooner or later, he’ll conjure up that one piece that gets him the recognition he deserves.

Way back when computers weren’t connected to anything but a printer and Hydro Quebec, he and I came up with this idea to put together a magazine. We called it “Drug of the Nation”. It was a collection of stories and photos of a small gang that I grew up with.

We would sit in his apartment and listen to The B-52’s Rock Lobster, over and over again.. Actually, I think I was the one who really loved the song, Mark just couldn’t bring himself to tell me he was fed up with it. We’d print out the stories and then copy and paste them (using actual glue) and send it to the printers. You cannot believe the time this took to make.

I went on to get a boring job in front of a computer, but Mark has continued to write and he’s releasing his latest book: A FINELY TUNED APATHY MACHINE October 18nth in Montreal.

Good Luck Mark.

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