Subway Is Operational and Maisonneuve Is Closed

Ça fait des jours que je n'ai rien écrit et je me demandais bien quoi taper. En allant sur la page d’accueil. Je vois la manchette “Downtown shutdown continues” et à l'heure qu'il est, ce n'est plus vrai bien qu'il y ait une mise à jour à la fin de l'article.

The metro has been fully functional since Monday, but the Maisonneuve Boulevard will likely remain closed until next Spring. Yes, you read it right next Spring. The store The Bay which is located above, plans to blame the city of Montreal for the 7-meter crack in the subway tunnel, due to the construction of a bike path on Maisonneuve.

I would give links to to where I read all that, but I don’t remember. Some of it comes from the Metro newspaper, 24 Heures and a few RSS feeds. Just take what I wrote as a very much straight to the point summary of what happened since Monday morning.

Oh yeah, also Mayor Gerald Tremblay doesn’t want to deal publicly about The Bay going after the city. He’s right on that. I don’t care about blame. Just be sure at 200% that nothing collapses.

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