I had guests over on Saturday night at my place in Little Burgundy, and as it got later we began to hear a bit of a ruckus outside. By midnight or so, we saw crowds of youngsters outside on the street. There was what looked to be an evacuated party and some police cars were on the scene. The crowd got rowdier, and a gunshot rang out, then later on another one. The police did nothing but sit in their cars. What were they waiting for. A gang fight broke out on the neighbour’s lawn destroying the daylilies as a hoodlum in a red shirt with a white skeleton printed on it shoved a guy over the bush and through it.

We had been out on the balcony worriedly watching the scene until we decided to go back inside and out of the way of any stray bullets. At some point there was a mad rush and about a hundred youths ran down the street past the cops. At around 1:30am the cops finally got out of their cars and started herding people. They seemed to have caught one perpetrator, and an ambulance had at least one victim. By 2am things had quieted down.

Why the police waited until people had been shot to take any action whatsoever I do not know. This was a case of a situation very badly handled by the police, it should never have been allowed to escalate. Curiously, nowhere in the news did I hear about this, or even online. Has anyone else heard anything on the shootings?

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  1. Michel (unregistered) on August 20th, 2007 @ 12:21 pm

    I live in the Pointe nearby, although the shootings are much less frequent, they still exist, and we never hear about these. Last one we heard in the news was because a stray bullet went onto a baby’s room, impacting a few centimeters from the cradle.

    It used to be about big gangs, they mostly got cleansed… and anyways, the place is so old, most gangs have vested interests in keeping the area clean. These get media attention. Now, with Internet, and gun proliferation from our southern neighbors, it’s mostly kids, who need to feel as they are king of the world, and impose respect with a stupid piece of cheap metal. These don’t get media attention.

    As for your particular case, I wouldn’t have been too impressed either. They might have prefered to keep them under control in one spot instead of satelliting them everywhere, to the expense of some flowers. However, after a gunshot, they should’ve intervened immediately.

  2. DAVE ID (unregistered) on August 20th, 2007 @ 12:48 pm

    The Bacon Patrol was there and did NOTHING? WTF?

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