Annoying Speakers on Cellphones

Cellphones are great devices with tons of uses, no matter what your “geek level” might be, there is a cellphone out there for you with the features you want/need.

However, one feature that I think should have never been built into these devices is the capability to play music sans earphones. I understand that, essentially, all these kids are doing is playing a ringtone that happens to be a song (in some cases, it’s an MP3), but while traveling on a bus or the Metro, it’s really annoying having to listen to someone else’s music (usually rap) for the duration of your ride – it’s twice as annoying when they happen to get off at the same stop as you. They’ve become the boomboxes of the younger generation.

I often try to stare them down until they get the hint, but kids these days are quite defiant… but that’s another blog post entirely.

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  1. DAVE (unregistered) on August 16th, 2007 @ 11:05 pm

    That hasn’t happen to me yet but I keep hearing about it. The poor sucker who’s gonna lose his phone…

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