Les Cyclosports

I’ve been racing bikes now for over ten years. I like to think that I have a pretty good understanding of the racing scene here in Quebec. Two weekends ago, I attended a track race at the velodrome in Bromont, Quebec. At your average track race, we’ll usually attract 30-40 racers.

When I pulled up to the track, the parking lot was PACKED with cars. Outside there was a huge BBQ being prepared and people and bikes all over.

“They can’t possibly be here to race”, I thought.

Ben non! They were going to ride Le Mondial Cyclotour Some 250 bike riders riding through the Eastern Townships.

Man, I was jealous. We’d kill for a turn out like that in any of our races. I took a quick little tour around the parking lot in between my races and whoa, the bikes these people ride! Full carbon everything that costs in excess of $4000! There’s very few of us guys who race who would dare race on something that expensive. Wheels alone on some of these bikes were $2500+.

But Cyclosport in Quebec is very popular. More and more baby boomers are choosing biking over golf. A recent article in La Presse discussed how “business rides” are being formed whereby business people ride together and share business cards.. This was the kind of thing that was exclusive to golf only.

There are many, many clubs in Montreal the Montreal area whereby riders of all skills and levels get together on a weekly basis to ride.

One of the biggest events of the year is quickly approaching and I heard they will attract something like 800+ cyclists.

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