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Vegan in Montreal

Hi everyone! I’m in town visiting for a few days from Los Angeles and am on the hunt for good Vegan places I should check out while here. Thanks to the Google I found which has a pretty good list of places to eat but the thing about lists is you don’t really get a feel for what is really good and what is so-so. Has anyone been to any of these places and have any thoughts on them? What about anything that didn’t make it to the list? Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks!

Montreal gets its first functioning iPhone(s)

According to this report, an uber-geek named Marc-Andre has successfully used a Turbo SIM to connect his US-bought iPhone to the Rogers network. Everything is functional except, of course, for the Visual Voicemail which requires special software from the AT&T network. The first installation took more than 2 hours but he managed to cut it down to 20 minutes on his second try.

I just hope he doesn’t accidentally activate his internet access outside of a Wi-Fi network. Rogers charge so much for this “privilege” that he may to sell his iPhone to pay his first bill.

Subway Is Operational and Maisonneuve Is Closed

Ça fait des jours que je n'ai rien écrit et je me demandais bien quoi taper. En allant sur la page d’accueil. Je vois la manchette “Downtown shutdown continues” et à l'heure qu'il est, ce n'est plus vrai bien qu'il y ait une mise à jour à la fin de l'article.

The metro has been fully functional since Monday, but the Maisonneuve Boulevard will likely remain closed until next Spring. Yes, you read it right next Spring. The store The Bay which is located above, plans to blame the city of Montreal for the 7-meter crack in the subway tunnel, due to the construction of a bike path on Maisonneuve.

I would give links to to where I read all that, but I don’t remember. Some of it comes from the Metro newspaper, 24 Heures and a few RSS feeds. Just take what I wrote as a very much straight to the point summary of what happened since Monday morning.

Oh yeah, also Mayor Gerald Tremblay doesn’t want to deal publicly about The Bay going after the city. He’s right on that. I don’t care about blame. Just be sure at 200% that nothing collapses.

Downtown shutdown continues

At a press conference held earlier today, city officials confirmed that an area affected by cracks in the underground tunnel leading to the McGill metro station will remain closed until further notice. According to the STM, the Green line will be shut down between Berri-UQAM and Lionel-Groulx stations, although Atwater station will apparently re-open on Monday. In the interim, commuters are strongly encouraged to use the nearby Orange line; also, shuttle buses will continue to run eastbound along Sainte-Catherine, and westbound along Réné-Lévesque.

For detailed information about street closures, consult the Ville de Montréal website. For metro service updates, check the STM main page.

UPDATE: At 9:30 PM tonight, Mayor Tremblay announced that full metro service has been restored and that all but one block of de Maisonneuve will be open to vehicular traffic tomorrow. Complete report here.

Things fall apart

From today’s Montreal Gazette:

Engineers, firefighters and city officials were at a loss today to explain how a seven-metre-long fissure opened in the city’s underground.

Call me cynical, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that the city cares more about beautification projects, cleanliness campaigns, and jaywalking crackdowns than its goddamn infrastructure. Morons…

Burning man made in Montréal

Si vous n’avez pas la chance ou l’envie d’aller au désert du Nevada pour le Burning man, vous pourrez toujours vous rabattre sur la FALLA de Saint-Michel qui se tiendra demain (le 25 août) à la Tohu.
Ça consiste en quoi ? Des artistes multidisciplinaires mettent en commun leurs talents pour construire une structure à laquelle ils mettront le feu. En espérant qu’il arrêtera de pleuvoir demain soir !


Another bad day for our crumbling infrastructure

What’s worse that passing under a crumbling viaduct? How about a crumbling metro tunnel?

The afternoon rush hour promises to be hellish as construction of a bike path on Maisonneuve St. has revealed a large crack on the ceiling of the green line metro tunnel between Aylmer St. and Union Ave. Both the boulevard and the metro line between Berri-UQAM and Atwater have been closed until the fire department can take a look.

La mairesse est morte

This may not be Montreal-related news but I grew-up in Sainte-Foy so, to me, this is huge.

Andree Boucher, who was the mayor of Sainte-Foy for years before becoming mayor of a “unified” Quebec city, died this afternoon of a heart attack. Although she was known province-wide for her sometimes doubtful choice of makeup, she made many of us proud in 2005 by winning her last mayoral election without essentially spending any money.

Night life dans le Vieux-Montréal

Est-ce la fin du night life dans le Vieux-Montréal? Le journal La Presse nous apprend que: "l'association des résidants demande à l'arrondissement de Ville-Marie d'imposer un moratoire sur le nombre de bars dans le secteur historique. Le dossier sera étudié cet automne."

A gift from Operation Montreal.Net

Spouse brought me home a little gift from the city yesterday. It’s a little carrying pouch for your cigarette butts. (Not that you smoke, but sadly, we do.) I have noticed that downtown is far more cleanly than in the past. august%20095.jpgI know I’ve adopted the habit of seeking out a cigarette butt receptacle now that there are so many lining the storefronts. And I think others have started doing that as well, because there seem to be far fewer butts strewn about on the sidewalk and in the gutters. I’m going to keep this handy pouch in my bag now just in case I can’t find a suitable place for my cigarette butt. The pouches are free from the city and from any borough office. If you click this link, you can see a Radio-Canada spot on the new pouches being distributed by the city. You can also read about the city’s Operation Montreal.Net campaign here.

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