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New Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal

Je voulais connaître les heures de présentations du film Live Free or Die Hard et je cherchais le cinéma Paramount sans succès.

Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal

Apparemment, ce cinéma porte un nouveau nom: Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal. Je me demande ce qui s’est passé, je n’ai pas trouvé de nouvelles sur le sujet.

Montreal-born wrestler Chris Benoit and family found dead




Canadian Wrestler Chris Benoit, along with his wife and son, have been found dead in their Atlanta home. There are no details yet on the circumstances of their death.

I don’t follow wrestling but I was invited at the WWE RAW exhibition last May at the Bell Centre. Chris Benoit (wearing the red pants in the shots above) started the evening in what is called a Battle Royale where a large group of wrestlers try to throw their opponents out of the ring. Chris was the last man standing and won the right to fight The Edge during the last fight of the evening. Ultimately, The Edge cheated by removing the covering at the corner of the ring cords and slamming his opponent’s head on the metal holders.

Unfortunately, what happened in Atlanta was neither fake nor scripted. CTV News is calling it a murder-suicide.

An evening with Flickr


Vanou said it best, Flickr really knows how to throw a party!

Celebrating not only the release of its 24 hours of Flickr mini-book, but also its new multilingual format, Flickr ended a four-cities tour with its biggest party yet. Yes, we beat London, Paris and Berlin when it came to attendance.

The city’s photographers and bloggers were treated to lots of schwag, including t-shirts, excellent food from Angus Dei, an open bar, great music (but not too intrusive) and an excellent ambiance in the perfect location.

As you can expect, lots of photons were captured during this event and more than 400 images are already online.

Branding Greater Montreal

The Montreal Gazette this morning tells us that the Montreal metropolitan region is now working on Branding Greater Montreal. At the same time they wish to make sure that Le grand Montréal fait sa marque.

They’re inviting us all to help:

Make your mark, by suggesting your ideas, slogans, logo designs and thoughts on an international brand image for the Montreal metropolitan region.

* What are Greater Montreal’s strengths?
* What features should Greater Montreal emphasize on the international scene?
* What sets us apart?
* What words or images best evoke Greater Montreal?

If you have any suggestions, then send them to That’s quite a challenge.

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Vandoos and Football

This past Thursday I attended the home opener of the Als at Molson Stadium with some 1700 soldiers, the Vandoos from Valcartier. The idea apparently was to endear Canada’s famous World War II soldiers to Quebeckers.

It was somewhat bizarre I must say seeing some 1700 soldiers packing both end-zones and acting, well, like soldiers when presented with beer, football and cheerleaders.

My girlfriend, who’s never attended a football game, turned to me and said “are they always here like that?”. I had to chuckle. “Um, no, not in the 30 years my father’s been taking me to football games”.

A recent poll has shown that Quebeckers are unfavorable to the war in Afghanistan by a figure of 70%. I can’t help but think that this will grow once our boys from Quebec begin to come home in coffins.

Because this is exactly what I was thinking when I watched our soldiers drink beer, smoke cigarettes, cheer on the Als and generally lose their heads every time a cheerleader ran by.. I stared at them thinking if this particular soldier I was looking at would be the one that I see on the cover of my paper as being killed by a road side bomb.

My thoughts then drifted as to why we are really there and if it was really worth it.

Not so sure the PR move by the military was such a good idea.

Thank you for flying with Continental…and sorry for all that sewage

The next time that you feel that your flying experience isn’t all that it could be, cheer up, at least you didn’t accompany Dana Bushman of Metroblogging New York on her hellish flight between Amsterdam and Newark.

It’s a long story but definitely worth a read. It’s a sordid tale of incompetence, horrid consumer service, human waste and it even includes a naked guy and his computer.

Don’t hesitate to spread it around. The only tool that we have to convince air carriers like Continental Airlines to stop treating people like cattle is to make them realize that screw-ups like that will negate billions of dollars in reputation and business.

Last Call…

We mourn the passing of a wonderful local artist and person. Known affectionately in Quebec as Boule Noir, the late rhythm-and-blues musician and “godfather of Quebec disco”, Georges Thurston was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in the winter of 2006. From that time on and until his passing this past Sunday, he never let his terminal illness deter him from performing, recording or appearing in public. He successfully recorded his last album, prophetically entitled Last Call… dernier appel last fall.

I had the special honour of knowing him personally, as he and his wife were my next-door neighbours. He was a kind-hearted man, always of a sunny disposition, and he will be sorely, sorely missed. I leave you with his own words…

Rest in peace, Georges.

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Server weirdness

The ISP that serves the Metroblogging mothership has had a boo boo:

Starting this morning at approximately 6:20am EDT we experienced a
power failure which has been traced back to a blown feeder cable
providing power to Power Distribution Unit #6 within our Virginia
Datacenter. We have 6 PDUs in our datacenter and your server is
powered by PDU #6.

Consequently, access to the mySQL database is very intermittent which might prevent you from posting comments and prevent us from posting new entries.

New use for old parking meters

parcodon.jpgVille-Marie and L’itinéraire announce a joint project today to help reduce homelessness in the borough. This pilot project begins with the refurbishment of the old style parking meters which have largely been replaced with pay kiosks. The new “Donation Meters” are brightly colored and accept all Canadian coins. They will be placed in high traffic areas and encourage the community to help out. A little change can help make big changes. Spouse and I worked all weekend painting up some prototypes in the garage. This is not only a great way to recycle the old parking meters, but also a wonderful way for the community to get involved. Also, other large cities will measure the success of the project as it is the first of its kind anywhere. Look for the bright green and blue meters coming soon.

To read more about this exciting project, visit the magazine’s web site:

Look who moved in under my shed


I don’t mind the racoons or my neighbor’s many cats but it’s precisely because of the latters that I’m not too crazy about having a skunk living under my shed. The question is how to “humanely” get rid of it? I called the city and they suggested putting a garden hose in the burrow and turning it on for the night. Hopefuly this is all that will be needed to convince it that this is not a safe place to live in.

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