Nice editorial in today’s Gazette


303 days ago I wrote a post about the cameras on Saint Laurent. Well they are now ‘live’ and as a consequence the Gazette has written an editorial against them being used. My guess is that the Gazette editorial is going to be as effective as my original post.

If you are interested in making your opinions known, these are the people in charge who can do something about it:
Gordon Bernstein, President of the SDC Saint Laurent, (514) 286-1021.
Marco Carrier, commander of Police Station 38, (514) 280-0119.
Madame Helen Fotopulos, Mairesse of Le Plateau, (514) 872-9530
Richard Bergeron, city councilor (514) 868-5193.
Isabel Dos Santos, city councilor (514) 868-5195.
Madame Josee Duplessis, city councilor (514) 868-5196.
Madame Eleni Fakotakis, city councilor (514) 868-5192.
Michel Labrecque, city councilor (514) 868-5191.
Michel Prescott, city councilor (514) 868-5194.
Societe de developpement du boulevard Saint-Laurent (514) 286-0334.

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