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Biking this Week

With this fantastic weather upon us, time to switch gears from moaning and complaining about the snow and to take advantage of every minute spring and summer offers.

For the most part, all the city’s bike paths are open. Not all the posts are up protecting the paths (I’m thinking of Rachel near St-Laurent) Not all the paths are clear.. lots of dust and dirt but you can ride them without much fuss.

For those who have started training outside, Camilien Houde still has quite a bit of run off from the unmelted snow. There’s lots of dirt and water and you need to be careful when coming down as it’s quite slippery. I suspect that by Monday most of this will be taken care of. There still seems to be quite a bit of snow off the road causing this run off though..

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is wide open and lots of people have started training on it. All the run off there should be gone.

The first bike race of the year is this weekend in Pont Rouge.

It’s a race open to all from Pee-Wee to Masters. If you’ve never raced it, it’s a false flat out, a very slight climb at the half way mark and a false flat all the way back.. That’s one lap.

If you have any amateur sporting events you’d like publicized, please drop me a line and I would be more then willing to post it weekly.

Now get out there and enjoy this weather.

J’aime ça


It seems nature has decided to give me a nice weather on my birthday. Maybe this is some sort of rebirth since yesterday and the days before were pretty awful.

Montrealer amongst Virginia Tech victims

I have just read in Cyberpresse that the list of confirmed victims of the Virginia Tech massacre includes Jocelyne Couture Nowak who was a French professor at the Department of Foreign Languages. Her husband, Jerzy Nowak, heads the Department of Horticulture.

So sad…

Roof Damage

How to make a cappy day even worse? Once we got home from work, we realized that the wind had ripped off part of the aluminium siding that covers the side of our roof. No water damage yet but it’s only a question of time. Fortunately we’re insured for that kind of damage but nothing can be done until the wind dies down.

At least this didn’t happen while we were away but I hate having to pick a contractor at random (my insurance agent is based in Quebec and coudn’t suggest anyone). If anybody can suggest a good roofer near the West Island, I’d love to have a backup.

As I’m about to hit the send button, my wife tells me that we’re not the only one. According to my brother-in-law who works nearby, the windows on the 31st floor of the Complexe G building in Quebec city were shattered by the wind.

Shooting at Virgina Tech

When I first received word about a shooting at Virginia Tech university a little earlier today, I got chills down my spine.

The news headlines and reports are familiar territory for me having experienced a shooting first-hand last September. With over 20 people confirmed dead, the Virgina Tech shooting is likely to be deadliest school shooting in History (at least US History)

Please head on over to Metroblogging Washington for all of the latest news and updates, as well as to share any words and/or thoughts.

I know our thoughts here in Montreal are with them.

Is it Spring yet?


Maybe somebody is trying to tell me something

Tomorrow morning, my 16 yrs old daughter is scheduled to take the theoretical exam for her driver’s license. The funny thing is that this is the second time that we will try to make it to the SAAQ. Her first appointment was on March 2nd…but I had to cancel it since we were in the middle of our worst snow storm of the year.

I wonder if they’ll even plow the roads this time.

[update] Yep, she’s cursed. After we got there and waited through the first line-up, we were informed that they never received her reservation.

Bright Bus Stickers

I’m rather irritated. Three times each week, I travel out to Laval to give English courses. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed the pressure tactics being used by the employee’s union, and it’s quite offputting. First there were the bright orange stickers plastered all over every bus. (Who has to clean that off?) “No metro in Laval unless an agreement is reached”. Then after the announcement of the new metro stations opening April 28th in Laval, the stickers were changed, “It’s Urgent to have a contract in April”. (I know I should have taken pictures) Each time I travel out to Laval, I have to think about what I will do if a strike occurs. I will have no means of getting to work, and in my business, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. And this is why I’m irritated. I have no control over the situation, and yet I stand to lose the most from a work stoppage. Thankfully I wasn’t teaching in Laval this week when they took a two hour break, um, safety check. Uh huh. I am not anti-union but I don’t believe that workers should be permitted to stop public transportation. It is essential in keeping the city running. The last time the STM went on strike for 5 days, I lost five hundred bucks. I was reimbursed $5 on my next metro pass purchase. The sad thing is, my final recourse will be to buy a car. And then I’ll join the millions of others clogging the roads of our fair city. Did I mention I’m irritated?

The Circus is in Town

Big Top (by jump4jay)
(click the photo for a few more shots)

The worlds most popular circus has finally come home to Montreal with their new show “Kooza”.

I was out for a walk around Old Montreal and saw the tent setup, it’s very impressive. I could also hear them rehearsing inside, I’d have done anything to be able to sneak a peek.

They’ll be performing from April 18 to June 24 at the Old Port of Montreal. You can get more info on their official site right here.

Springtime in Montreal


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