Habs Week in Review

Ouch. That hurt.

Those two penalties by Begin and Koivu really stung.

Those are the kinds of penalties you take early in the season and they cost you the match and well, it’s not the end of the world.

But to take those two penalites at the end of the 2nd and at the start of the 3rd on the final game of the year which decides if your team
makes the playoffs ?

Ouch. That hurts.

I think it’s safe to say however that after the Habs loss, most of Montreal instantly became Islander fans. I sure as Hell did. I followed the results on the web very closely and when
it ended, and the Leafs were out of the playoffs, the owie did didn’t hurt so much anymore.

The great thing about a loss like that is that if you can get over it quickly, listening to the various call in shows and reading the various sports ‘journalists’ can be very entertaining.

You’d think the sky was falling. Run Chicken Little. Run!

I listened to one caller on CKAC say that he was really worried that he and his 5 yr old son would never enjoy a Stanley Cup parade.

Oh boy. The bigger problem there isn’t if the Habs can win a cup before the father’s death, but why does a Stanley Cup parade rank that high in their ‘things to witness before my death’ ?!

Or reading Rejean Tremblay in La Presse stating that:

A) George Gillet would never listen to a journalist, especially a Francophone.
B) That Gainey should quit and become President of Les Canadiens
C) And that Andre Savard should take over as GM

Which of course is classic Tremblay.. The sky is falling! The sky is falling ! And everyone is out to get the Francophones. Run Rejean! Run!

One wonder why it is that he doesn’t cover hockey much anymore.. Or F1 for that matter… Maybe because he’s a wee bit too quick on the trigger.

What most sports ‘journalists’ agree on though is that Markov needs to be signed. I concur. Next is that Souray should be signed, but not at all costs. I concur also. Finally, that the Habs need to fetch a Super Star.. Like Daniel Briere. I concur, but good freaking luck!

That ends that. It wasn’t a horrible season. It was exciting.. but the end was painful. Too painful.

I’ve canceled my cable and I am going to go and start racing bikes again.. at least if it warms up already.

Until next year, turn off your TV’s and get some excercise.

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