The greenest school on earth? Concordia U?

Students at Concordia University have just recently voted to pay 75 cents per course as a means to green their campus. For the math lovers out there, thats 42,000 students x 75 cents= $185,000 to be put towards the greenification.

Initiatives such as giving each student a reusable plastic mug to eliminate their reliance on one-use styrofoam, providing each with a reusable bag to break the dependance on plastic bags as well as investing in electric vehicles to be used to get students from campus to campus are part of the agenda.

The Sustainable Concordia Project can be credited for kicking this into high gear as their 2003 and 2006 assessments ‘paved’ the way for this program.

By demonstrating that this is a win- win situation at a low cost investment from students helps not only Montreal, but the planet.

Will the Quebec government step up and match their contribution? Will other organizations take notice of the lead that Concordia is setting and launch their own employee/member/student contribution plans? I can only hope so…

Oh and if you are still not convinced that Concordia University isn’t going to be the greenest campus on the planet… they have recently given Al Gore an honorary doctorate. To see the photos – click here

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