Habs Week in Review

Buy the chaise longue. Seriously. Head down to Crappy Tire before work and pick up a chaise longue. Never mind how much it costs. Never mind that Crappy Tire is probably gouging their clients with those insane prices for chaise longue, buy it. You are going to need it for when the parade passes by.

This team is for real with a real goalie. Not that piece of swiss cheeze. A real live goalie who stops pucks. Lots of ’em too. Kovavlev is playing like the Kovalev when the Habs signed him. He scores goals. Koivu is fully energized. The kids are playing with full gusto and Begin is putting the puck in the net!

My mother always used to tell me: “Justin, poop or get off the pot”. Well, it’s time to poop. The Habs will make the playoffs. There, I’ve said it. But it will happen.

Yesterday I had to pick my girlfriend up at the airport. Listening to CKAC on the way in, riveted to the radio, I later had to apologize to her (at the end of the first period of course) for not really asking her how her flight was.. Sorry Hun, the Habs were down 2-0!

But then in the 2nd, DINK, DINK, DINK, DINK, DINK! 5-2, like that. The Rangers scored two in the 3rd to drive my heart rate up into lactate threshold zone but Streit’s goal in the 3rd sealed the deal.

The Islanders lost. The Hurricaine lost and the Habs are the sole 8th place holder. That’s the cutoff for the playoffs.

See you at Crappy Tire. They open at 9am.

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  1. scott (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 4:46 pm

    hey justin,
    mentioned yr post and the upcoming habs/leafs game on midnight poutine. you can check it out here:


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