Spring Forward Tonight

Josh Freed in the Montreal Gazette is always worth reading with his humorous take on living in Montreal. He’s apparently delighted that we’ll all Spring Forward three weeks earlier this year. Hopefully all our electronic equipment will keep in step too.

He is particularly delighted that all the early birds, who supposedly are against this Daylight Summer Time thingy, will have to share their beautiful sun rises with even more people who will be up and about. As a late riser, he just can’t stand those types and is delighted that they’re losing out.

It’s all very confusing with this question of whether you’re gaining an hour or losing an hour. At least as far as adjusting the clock goes, the ‘Spring Forward, Fall Back‘ is an easy way of remembering what to do. It just wouldn’t make sense to ‘Spring Back, Fall Forward’.

What Josh Freed seems to have forgotten is that this DST process is a clever way of getting him and all his fellow couche-tards to jump out of bed an hour earlier during the summer. I really don’t understand why he’s happy.

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  1. ladyjaye (unregistered) on March 10th, 2007 @ 10:31 pm

    It also means that bargoers lose one hour of partying tonight, as bars will close at 2am…

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