Clearing snow faster

OK it wasn’t the biggest snow storm we’ve seen on Wednesday. Still 15 cm. is sizeable particularly when whipped up into drifts by 40 km an hour or faster winds. So according to James Mennie in the Montreal Gazette this morning, “City’s trucks, PR machine go into overdrive to minimize the winter of our discontent”. Some snippets from the article will give you the flavour of his remarks:

Journalists were given an up-close look at snow removal on the corner of St. Zotique St. and de Lorimier Ave. yesterday morning. The city wants its snow-spackled, wind-chilled taxpayers to know it’s working to remove snow faster than usual after Wednesday’s storm.
.. ..
But what seems important here is that while past winters have seen the city take as long as 48 hours to clear its sidewalks, it’s now trying to do the job in eight.

Here in LaSalle, we’ve seen the same ‘PR + fast cleaning’ phenomenon. Although the street signs have always implied that snow might be cleared from the streets on Saturdays, apparently this was never the real policy. So we all received a glossy card in our mail-boxes on Thursday informing us that from now on snow would be cleared on Saturdays too when necessary. This morning it happened on our street with pleasing efficiency and speed.

Now if only LaSalle can come in line with all the other boroughs and allow dogs on leashes to be walked in parks, then that too would minimize the discontent of a great many LaSallois.

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