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Google opening offices in Montreal

According to this report, Google has been renting office space at the “1000 de la rue Gauchetière” for a small team of seven engineers and programmers. There are rumors that this unit may grow to 200-300 people and there is already a job opening for a Senior Windows Developer.

Here is your chance to join one of the best company in the world to work for…but I will request your first paycheck as my finder’s fee.

4 GB is cheaper

expensive 2 GB

I was looking for a USB drive yesterday at Future Shop and I saw these. I thought they swapped the labels, but all the information is there.

Things you’ll never see in Montreal, example #1

A friend just emailed me this photo from London.

Au Pied de Cochon- The Album…

Martin Picard, chef at Montreal’s Au Pied de Cochon and his staff released a smart and irreverent little book which is gaining much buzz.

Readers can choose to purchase the book in either French or English, however the French version features a little novella on the history of pork whereas the forward of the English copy is written by uber-gonzo-chef-journalist Anthony Bourdain.

Visit for more information or to get yourself a copy.

Hate crimes

Yesterday, Jean-Sebastien Presseault was sentenced to six months in prison for willfully promoting hate on the Internet with an Anti-Semitic website. On the one hand, some people are very happy that he got a sentence with actual prison time instead of just community service; on the other hand, other anti-racism groups are disappointed that it isn’t for a longer term.

It’s interesting to see this happen. I’m all for free speech but I feel promoting hate crosses a line. However, so many people feel that the anonymity that the Internet offers allows them to do whatever they wish without consequence. It’s thought-provoking to see someone prosecuted for an online hate crime.

What do you think?

Habs Week in Review

The slump is over.

As the Habs head into the All Star break, they take with them the added confidence of back to back wins against Atlanta and the Sabers. Two teams which are ahead of the Habs in the standings.

The two wins, coupled with losses from various other teams put the Habs back in 2nd in their division and 4th overall.

They key to finding back their confidence may in fact have been due to head coach Guy Carbonneau benching Samsonov and Craig Rivet. Rivet, reportedly, is still trying to lick the wounds to his ego after Carbo’s benching.

While the move did not immediately make a change in the proceeding match, it did in the following. Samsonov scored one (his first in what seems like months) as well as Kovalev. Huet, regained his confidence and the Habs are now back.

The Habs will no doubt enjoy the next few days off and look to see Huet and Souray in the All Star line up this weekend.

Cheap lunch anyone?

As a thrifty kind of guy, I either bring my lunch to work or seek out a meal that can be had for under five bucks, including tax. I give English courses at various places around downtown and have found lunch time to be a pricy proposition when on a budget. Of course making lunch and bringing it from home is always the cheapest, but if you’re like me, you sometimes leave the lunch you prepared on the counter at home. Anyway, my favorite cheap lunch downtown is the Pizza Doré combo with 2 slices of pizza and a soft drink for four bucks, tax included. This is a bargain and fills you up. There is something fine about that crust, I just love it. I adore both the mushroom and mexican pizza. There is a Pizza Doré (maybe it’s d’oré) in the Berri Uqam and Longueuil metro stations as well as in the tunnel between Eaton Center and Place Ville Marie.

Yes, the value menu at mickey dees is $4.60, but I’m always on the hunt for something new, good and under five bucks. Anybody have a secret cheapie lunch place?

A jaunt to Vermont? Here’s what to expect at the border

Starting tomorrow, the United States will require all U.S. citizens returning from Canada by air to have a passport. A drivers license and birth certificate will no longer do. This will undoubtedly increase lines at airport customs.

However, the law doesn’t go into effect for car passengers until next year. So, if you’re thinking of heading to, say, Stowe or the Adirondacks by land, you shouldn’t be inconvenienced. (Unless you’re on the bus, which took a zillion years to get through customs even before 9/11).

A short cure for Blue Monday

I read this morning that the cold/crappy weather, short days, the worst of winter still ahead of us, boring weekends, credit card bills and failed new year resolutions all combine to make this Monday 22 January the unhappiest day of the year.

Fortunately there is a cure out there, check out this short video and make sure that the sound is turned on (the music is excellent). I can guarantee that you will begin this gloomy day with a smile.

Sale Season

This is a dangerous time of year for shopaholics like myself. Everywhere you go, there are sale signs. Especially if you live and work downtown. It’s unavoidable. I’ll find myself walking somewhere with a purpose in mind and get sidelined by a table of shoes. It seems like every mall is having a sidewalk sale. It doesn’t help that all the malls in the underground city are connected. So it’s just mall after mall after mall of sales. I should wear blinders like the poor horses in Old Montreal. Just this weekend, I passed by Old Navy, not intending to buy anything, but whaddy’a know, I left with a huge shopping bag. Mind you, everything I got was a great deal so of course, entirely justifiable. All the items on liquidation were discounted by a further 50%. So, how could I pass up pants for $7 or a hoody sweatshirt for $6? And I mean, another long T for a mere $2 is a wardrobe staple right? If winter indoor shopping was an olympic sport, I think I would get a gold medal. And it would match the great top I got!

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