A return to routine

As much as I love the holidays (and I especially enjoyed them this year), I am so happy that it’s now January 2nd and life can get back to some semblance of normality again. This is especially true for the sake of shopping.

My husband and I decided that instead of buying a gift for each other that we would chip in an equal amount of money and buy ourselves a much-needed new printer. We decided to wait until after Christmas so that the prices would be better. December 28th is not a good day to venture into Best Buy, let me just say that. It’s not great for Bureau en Gros either. (We actually ended up getting a fantastic HP printer/scanner/copier at Loblaws of all places, for $50.)

Speaking of Loblaws, even going out to get groceries was a slight case of insanity over the holidays. We were so busy with everything else that we didn’t plan our food budget very well so we found ourselves needing to get something to eat for the 31st but the grocery stores were all SO packed with last-minute party-planning folks that my husband walked in, snorted in disgust, and immediately walked back out. Of course, everything was closed on the 1st, so it’s just a good thing that we actually had leftovers and staples in our freezer. Today? Hello, grocery shopping with the normal amount of people.

It was a great two weeks, really, but I am so glad that life is going back to normal now so that we can walk into a store without being scared off by enormous line-ups.

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