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Deceptively sunny

So the past few days have been fantabulously sunny. What a pity it’s also colder than a witch’s, er, um, you know. I have this realization every winter. Sun=cold. During the summer, you can pretty much count on the sun bringing warmth, but not in the winter. It seems to be common knowledge that when it snows, it’s actually warmer than on sunny days. This seems wildly counter-intuitive, but there it is.

I’m suspicious of the winter sun, and I will not be lulled by its pathetically weak rays. We’ll have to wait for April before the sun returns to its normal heating duties.

(Yes, another climate related post. What do you want, it’s an icebox out there and who wants to do anything but hibernate? I’m hoping for milder temps this weekend so I can finally visit the Fete des Neiges. I have never been because it’s ALWAYS too cold, lol.)

No Snow

Now that everyone is talking about cold weather again, has anyone else noticed the distinct lack of snow so far this winter? I’m not talking about the dustings we get every couple days. I mean the ones where it becomes difficult to parallel park for a couple days. Those ones that we normally get once or twice a week. By my count, we’ve only had one so far and that was over two weeks ago. And the Weather Network’s forcast says only more dustings for the next week. Will we only have a few ‘real’ snowfalls this year?

On one side, I’m enjoying it the same way we enjoyed the warm temps earlier this month. No problems parking, easy to walk the streets, and no driveway to shovel before leaving for work.

But on the other hand, snow IS winter. You can keep your cold temps. Instead of being primarily white, the city is a dirty salty grey. The added effort for us to make our way through the blankets of snow make us stronger. Without snow, we’re just TO with a mountain in the middle of it.

Fête des Neiges

Comme Laiya nous l’avais suggéré je suis allée faire un tour à la Fête des Neiges ce dimanche passé. C’était super! La température était agréable. Il y avait des gens mais pas trop. Et les activités étaient bien! J’ai fait une heure de patin sur le Sentier des Patineurs, d’où il y a une vue super sur le Fleuve et la Ville. Ensuite je me suis promenée sur le site. Il y a vraiment des activités pour tous, petits comme grands! Et j’ai même rencontré la mascotte Boule de Neige.

Un petit vidéo… You’ll see the city, and some old time animation/storytelling on snowshoes and inside a tipi tent. That was the Musée Stewart area.

Dailymotion blogged video
Fête des Neiges
Video sent by christellefv

The tubing seemed like a pretty popular activity…

Iceskating at the Sentier…

And eating tire d’érable…

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Today’s weather

Environment Canada

Currently Observed at:
Montréal-Trudeau Int’l Airport
2:00 AM EST
Monday 29 January 2007


Temperature -17°C
Pressure/ Tendency 100.9 kPa↑
Visibility 10 km
Humidity 87 %
Dewpoint -19°C
Wind W 5 km/h.

Bitchy comment reserved.

Pirates in Montreal?

Fox Studios is threatening us Montrealers.

No, not with repeats of “Nanny 911” or “Trading Spouses” but with the power of the law (no, not “Judge Judy”)

Reports suggest that camcorder-pirates are sitting amongst us in bilingual cinemaplexes and then selling the recorded materials to the Asian market before it is released by their local theatres.

Potential implications could be delays in movie releases in Canada. Will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

Enfin la fin de semaine!

Aujourd’hui, ç’est le premier week-end des activités de la fête des neiges au Parc Jean-Drapeau. Si vous trouvez qu’il ne fait pas trop froid pour sortir dehors, il’y aura plein de choses à faire. Moi, j’aimerais faire la glissade aux tubes et voir les
sculptures de glace. Mais à part de ça, il’y aura aussi une spectacle d’ouverture, du patinage, des pédalos sur neige et tant d’autres activités.

Et pour se rechauffer, la musée stewart sur l’île Sainte-Hélène offre l’entrée gratuite pour tous, les samedis, jusqu’au 28 avril 2007.

Alors, allez-y! La fin de semaine est tellement courte, faut s’en profiter!

For once, Montreal will play herself…

Blades of Glory

…as she will be the host of the next Olympic Games Wintersports in the movie Blades of Glory starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. Both will be playing skaters who were ejected from their sport for fighting during the medals ceremony at the Stockholm Wintersports. Desperate to return to the limelight, they take advantage of a legal loophole that allows them to participate in the couples competition. You can pretty much guess the rest of plot from here.

Blades of Glory

Nevetheless, I’ll be there at the premiere. After seeing the Big O’s tower in the second shot, I’m especially curious to see what they did with my two pictures.

Dang it’s cold out

So um, remember a while back when everyone was complaining about how mild it was and ‘where’s winter’ and talking of Global Warming… ?

I’m almost starting to miss those days!

The great part of freezing temps is that when you bake your own bread, you don’t have to wait long for it too cool off. Place it outside and voila, it’s ready in 15 minutes..

This week, in a complete fit of stupidity, I walked down to Poubelle de Ski (which BTW is a great place if you are looking for cheap ski/snowboards etc.. the dust on it comes at no extra charge too) to get a snowboard, boots and bindings. I’m 35yrs old. I’ve been skiing for some 30years.. even have my level 1 instructor. I’ve also skateboarded (and have a scar on my chin to prove it) but I’ve never snowboarded. Everyone tells me, that I am going to be in for a day of utter hell.

“Stuff your pants with pillows”
“Get a helmet”
“Wear adult diapers” (not sure if this last one is to protect me from falls, or protect me from the mess that I may create just before I fall)
“Ask your boss for Monday off.. you’ll need it”

No, but really, I’m going snowboarding, not running with the bulls in Pamplona.

I figure, how much worse can it be then say crashing in a velodrome bike race at 52km/h and having 3 guys run over you?

Don’t answer that.

I may however have to postpone my doom as it’s looking like it will be FREEZING over the weekend.

You see, cold temps aren’t so bad afterall!

Winter Woes

I know the weather’s already been posted about to death but I can’t help myself on days like today to add yet another entry. Afterall, it really is a significant part of the day and influences a lot of my decisions. From the moment I get up, I have to start thinking about how much warmth I’m going to need to get through my morning and evening commutes. Whether or not I’ll leave the office for lunch. Which underground route is the quickest to get from A to B. But it seems that no matter what I do, I always end up with at least one frozen toe. Not always the same toe mind you, but inevitably one of the little guys will get frostbitten. And when I say frostbitten, I mean turned white and solid frostbitten, not just tingly, almost frostbitten. As I’m walking around trying to wiggle some life back into my frozen toe, I wonder if anyone else is simultaneously experiencing the same hidden discomfort as myself or if it’s just me. Thick socks, thermal insoles, and Thinsulate lining don’t seem to be very effective in these temperatures. Of course I could opt for entirely practical footwear like Sorels which some people swear by, but you don’t exactly make the best impression when you show up for a meeting in a suit and moon boots. For such a fashionable city, Montreal winters are not about fashion. It’s either give up the matching ensemble or sacrifice a precious toe to the elements.

Yahoo! Québec

Et pendant que Google ouvre des bureaux à Montréal, Yahoo ouvre son nouveau portail Yahoo! Québec. En fait, ce n’est pas nouveau. C’est juste le site canadien français de Yahoo qui a changé de nom.

C’est une copie conforme à, mais tout est en français avec des nouvelles québécoises. Les items dans le menu sont différents de Yahoo! France et Yahoo! Certains éléments de design diffèrent d’un site à l’autre, notamment dans l’en-tête, là où se trouve le champ de recherche.

Il n’y a pas beaucoup de sites de Yahoo qui ne sont pas des pays.

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