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And you thought Ave Robert Bourassa was bad?


I just saw this tiny news item about how they are going to rename a street in Santiago for Gen. Augusto Pinochet in the wealthy Santiago suburb of Las Condes.

President Michelle Bachelet, who was held in one of his torture centers, lives in Las Condes

Pity that there is no Metroblogging Santiago, we’d be able to compare public responses.

So what about Ben’s?

Did you go there lately? I mean pre strike of course? The place was empty, dirty, rundown, and grim was written on all the employee’s faces. Really a depressing dining out experience. Yes, the heydey of Ben’s is gone, but it’s been gone for over five years. Restaurants come and restaurants go, and though Ben’s was an excellent example of longevity in a traditionally cutthroat business, it was also an example of “not evolving with the times”. Look, Disneyland isn’t the same as I remember it as a kid, and that’s as it should be. Nobody can take away your memories of Ben’s so let’s stop lamenting its closure and cherish any fond memories we have. Nonetheless, for such a prime location, it is a pity to see the place run into the ground. But now I wonder what will take its place.

Habs Year in Review

With but a few games left in the 2006 year, I think it’s time to take a look at how the Habs have played thus far. In a word: Exceed. That is, the Habs have completely exceeded the wildest dreams of most fans.

The Habs currently sit in 4th overall in the East; which is about where they have been most of the year. This is several positions higher then what most analysts and commentators had them set at the start of the year. So much so that La Presse is running serveral pages with photos of the 93 Habs players Carbonneau and Muller (now coaches with Les Canadiens) with a Stanley Cup in the air. All with the idea of pointing similarities between that year and this current season.

Mayor Tremblay would be best advised to hold off on releasing the parade route for 2007.

Having said that, the Habs have surprised most fans thus far. We can especially thank four members of the team for this achievement thus far.

Cristobal Huet. Without Huet, the team would not be where it is now. While he’s not Roy, he has had nights where he’s done what all great goalies can do: hold off the attacks to give the offence a chance. Our beloved Cousin from France has continued what he started in last year’s playoffs.

Sheldon Souray. A defencemen who the Habs MUST sign for next year. He currently has the 5th most points scored as a defencemen in the entire NHL.. His +/- however isn’t much to brag about. Nevertheless, Souray is a player that has scored more then his share of key goals.

Saku Koivu. Koivu has shown that he is a true captain both in his leadership off the ice and on the ice. Koivu is a leader that while doesn’t quite have the style that Carbo did back in 1993, is a player that shows his leadership by his actions.

Which brings me to the one member who seems to be overpassed the most for kudos: Guy Carbonneau. Do not forget that this is Carbo’s first job as a head coach in the NHL. Not only is he the most winningest freshmen coach currently in the NHL, but he is also a coach in a media hungry city, that is Montreal. Coaches in this city have very short shelf lives and the Media can make or break you. Carbo has motivated and protected his players when needed be and also put out fires as quickly as possible (Roy vs Latendresse comes to mind).

Honorable mentions:
Guillaume Latendresse. He’s handled the pressure very well and performed above expectations.
Francis Bouillon. Callers of sports call in shows often speak about how the Habs need more French Canadian players.. because they play with heart. While I find the comment somewhat xenophobic, I think what they have in mind is Francis Bouillon.

Players that need to pick it up and quickly: The entire 2nd line. It’s pathetic and none of them deserve the money they make.

All in all, a fabulous start and if it continues, dare I say cup fever is in the air?

Happy Holidays everyone.

La fin de l’année approche

La session est terminé. Peut-être pas pour tout le monde, mais pour tous les étudiants en design de l’UQAM, la fin était ajoud’hui. Pas de cours jusqu’au 5 janvier 2007. Quelle merveille!

On va commencer à voir de moins en moins d’étudiants durant le jour et de plus en plus en soirée en train de sortir faire la fête dans les bars et les clubs. Et c’est bien normal, parce que l’école, ça peut devenir fatiguant.

Par contre, ce qui est malheureux, c’est qu’on risque de passer un Noël sans neige. C’est très étrange et ça ne sera pas très plaisant pour le traîneau du Père Noël.

J’en profite pour rappeler à tout le monde qu’il y a un party de Noël ce jeudi 21 décembre au Centre de design de l’UQAM (1440 Sanguinet, Métro Berri-UQAM). Ça va être la plus belle soirée de l’année.

Goodbye, Ben…

If you read one blog post today, make it Blork’s delicate obituary for Ben’s Deli. Perfect.

Is Montreal a PC city???

A while back, my laptop was going through a health scare. It would boot up and then promptly shut down – repeatedly…

Seeing as there are so few mac repair shops here in Montreal, I went with a recommendation to check out iTechnique on St Laurent and was very impressed with their service (they were very patient with me calling every day to check the status of my repair!).

That prompts me to ask -with the dearth of mac repair shops and vendors, is Montreal a PC city?


A bolt of lightning just struck outside my window. While I’ve been enjoying the warm weather like everyone else who is not anxious for snow, it’s quite strange to have summer-like thunderstorms 10 days before Christmas. I won’t wade into the discussion on whether this is global warming or part of a cyclical pattern the planet goes through. But will this city eventually have a North Carolina type climate with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean lapping at the shores of the St Lawrence?

Electricity in the air

Big lightning and thunder outside just now. I find thunderstorms in December to be a bit on the freaky side. Is this more evidence of the climate in turmoil? Probably not. Still, I can’t ever recall thunder and lightning in December.

December art events

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Since we’re having warm, Seattle-like weather, there’s no excuse to skip December art events. (Well, except for holiday shopping, office parties, family houseguests, and the fact that every quality grown-up movie of the year is being released this month…) Here’s what to see this week:

On Thursday (Dec. 14), the X-MAS Exhibition collective is having a Vernissage from 5 pm to 11 pm. (The show itself runs to December 31.) The address is: USINE 106U, 112 Mont-Royal E. (2nd floor). Phone: 514-284-7773

Then on Friday, Montreal artist Edith Dora Rey is having an open studio sale, from noon to 7 pm, at 650 Charon Street, in Pt. Saint Charles. Her studio is a former depanneur, and chock-a-block with paintings in range of styles. (Tip to the fun-loving: Check out her Hula Girl photo series.)

Rain Rain Go Away

This balmy weather is nice I suppose as opposed to freezing temperatures and extremities but it makes me really nervous. It’s just not normal. All this rain is really gloomy and gives me a headache. I don’t know if barometric pressure has anything to do with it but these types of damp grey days tend to make me feel ‘under the weather’. I would just prefer if it would snow a little already so that all is right with the world. These bizarre warm spells just make me dread days of extreme weather to come. Ice storm anyone?

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