The Future of Music Policy Summit round up


As some of you know, I’ve been at the Future of Music Policy Summit. I went to see the following panel discussions – Losing Music: Preservation and Storage, Record Companies: Who Needs Them? A Special Presentation by David Byrne, What’s Wrong With Music? and Meet the Mini-Me-dia.

The archiving one was lots of fun as Richard Green of Archives Canada showed how bureaucratic governments can be when it comes to saving stuff (four clicks to get to the main page!). While Stewart Cheifet of showed why not only rocks my world but is one of the best things ever. The panel was moderated by Ken Freedman of WFMU who graciously accepted to be interviewed after the panel – I need some time to either transcribe it, or digitize the tape. For the time being relax in the fact that WFMU is one of the top three radio stations in the entire world.

After the interview, I saw a bit of David Byrne‘s presentation, which while widely hyped actually was pretty bad. It did not appear to me that he had prepared for it at all. Some power point slides that had been thrown together by some unnamed person on his staff while he attempted to be glip, hip and ironic. Unfortunately all he was was boring. I lasted 10 minutes before I needed some fresh air and sunshine.

I had also been looking forward to the What’s Wrong With Music? However, Sandy Pearlman was not up to the job of moderating. Good points about the industry were made by Daniel Levitin, and Susan Rogers, but Mr. Pearlman somehow decided that he needed to talk the most instead of letting everyone else speak. Pity.

And then I finished the day with the first of two panels on blogging. Which leads sort of awkwardly to the following blogs have beaten me to the punch about the conference (in no particular order):

Settled In Shipping
Paul Lamere
said the gramophone
Moving in Stereo

While the following blogs that were on the panel have not yet written a darn thing about the conference Vu d’ici, the mass is secretly obsessed with nipple dream, and fluxblog,.

I’m off to see, The New Deciders: Metafilters, Blogs, Podcasts, Publishers: The New Record Label? today. And I’m waiting to see when the video will hit either the McGill School of Music website or the FoM website because there were and will be a bunch of panel that I can’t attend that I would like to see.

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