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I’ve had a bunch of things clog up my inbox waiting to get written about here. If you’re looking for some alternative ideas for things to do, try anyone or any of, or all of these (in no particular order):

Posthumous Pickle Party. Montreal Film Group member Ezra Soiferman made a film about the last pickle from my former landlord. With Birth of the Smoked Meat & Montreal Stories 1971, Saturday 7 Oct, 9pm, Associaçao Portuguesa.

[update: I just got this description from Ezra himself, ‘The movie, based on a wild concept by Matt Zimbel, follows a bunch of Simcha’s customers – including Josh ‘Socalled’ Dolgin, food critic Barry Lazar, the late sculptor Stanley Lewis, and more – as they return to the store a few weeks after Simcha’s death to commemorate him and his wife Fanny… and to indulge in their last batch of homemade pickles. The film, called Posthumous Pickle Party, will premiere this coming Saturday, Oct. 7th at 9pm at the Portuguese Association (4170 St. Urbain just south of Rachel). $6. This screening is part of Film Pop, the film festival arm of the Pop Montreal music festival. Our film, which is 40 minutes long and sharp like a romantic Romanian garlic will be preceded by two Montreal shorts I’ve had the pleasure of seeing recently: “The Birth Of The Smoked Meat” by Jeannette Pope and Zoe Mapp and “Montreal Stories – 1971” by Vanya Rose. Like PPP, “Montreal Stories – 1971” will also be a premiere. “The Birth Of The Smoked Meat” recently played at the Montreal World Film Festival where it won a prestigious Kodak student filmmaker award.]

Entretenir le tangible a talk given by the hipest and coolest Quebecois artists this side of the Île-aux-Grues. Their names are BGL Thursday October 5, 12:30 pm at UQAM room number R-M 110.

Terre, pierre et fer a group exposition featuring Jean Brillant, Jean-Louis Emond, Eva Lapka at the McClure Gallery, 350 Victoria Ave in Westmount. The vernissage is on October 5 at 6pm, and there is a curator’s talk on Thursday, October 12 at 7 pm. I don’t know if they serve wine at the vernissages, because I have yet to attend one.

RENCONTRE 2006, Yves Milet-Desfougères, René Donais & Eric Braün, Vernissage October 6, 5pm at USINE 106U, 112 Mont-Royal East, 2nd floor. One of the more wicked cool art spaces in town, three comic artists (I think – Eric is a kick-ass comic artist and the brawn behind the No Exit Gallery, so I assume that the other artists are as well) This is not a ‘free wine alert’ for the vernie, it is a BYOB.

Then there is this cool thing.

(sorry that it is so large, but better below the fold than above, eh?)

One of the better kept secrets is the Noel Guyomarc’h Gallery, 137 Laurier West, (514) 840-9362. Yes they sell jewlery, yes it is an art gallery. Tiny, and I don’t know if they serve wine at their vernissages, but the stuff that they exhibit is utterly amazing.

And then to deal with the 800-pound gorilla that is Pop Montreal, they have a getting larger all the time art thing called Art Pop, the exhibits that I’m going to try to make are the following, again in no particular order…

Satellite of Love only up until the 5th

Jack Dylan – October 4th-11th. Jack is the man behind this year’s Pop Montreal posters.

Billy Mavreas
– October 4th-8th. Billy is the nicest artist I know in Montreal and his art rocks as well.

Killoffer and Charles Burns – October 5th-October 19th. Comic art reigns supreme at Art Pop.

Cover Me – October 6th-October 30th, Now this is a nice switch. Artists recreating their favorite album covers. Organized by Neil Doshi of the YPF and all sales benefit Head & Hands one of the bestest organizations in Montreal.

The Rodney Graham Band – October 7th, 24h first their’s the vernissage at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal on Wednesday at 6pm ish, then there’s the performance at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal Thursday October 5 at 8pm (I love that they describe it thusly; ‘The artist is backed by David Carswell on guitar, Beez on bass, Pete Bourne on drums and Paddy Ryan on keyboard, playing Pop/Rock music.’ Then there’s the performance at Fractal, worth staying up late for, plus there’s more YPF as well.

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