A New Guy

Guillaume Latendresse is now a ‘real’ Hab. It was announced this morning.

I’ve been following this story rather closely and yet watching it from afar. Latendresse is a 19 yr old who’s made two attempts at making the Habs. This year, he pulled it off.

He’s already a fan favorite, mostly because he’s a French Quebecker. Quebeckers, more then most other province, love their own..

Listening to radio talk shows and of course 110%, I’ve noticed a troubling trend regarding talk of he Habs and Latendresse. There is this idea that what the Habs need are more Quebeckers on the team. That Quebeckers play harder for the Habs because they grew up watching the Habs.

The logic that is used, is something akin to the logic Don Cherry might use. Yes, Don Cherry, that very commentator French Quebecers detest (and justifiably so I might add). The argument that Quebec players play harder for their team works under the assumption that they play harder then a Russian, or a Swede.. It’s xenophobic without being obviously so.

The logic is even more flawed from a sports reason when I mention two names: Brisebois, Damphousse and some might even argue Ribeiro. You’d be hard pressed to argue that those native Quebec players always played full out for the Habs.

I can understand wanting the local boy to do good. Hell, I wanted Latendresse to make the team and I am happy he did. But to suggest what the team needs are more Quebeckers because they play harder for Les Canadiens say, then instead of a Russian, is entering into troubling territory.

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