What a past couple of days! I can’t help but shamelessly plug the Montreal metroblog because the posts were riveting and so up to date as “information” became available. I’m honored to be among such a group (even though I’ve never met anyone in the group, lol).

I spent my day yesterday giving conversation based English classes to adults in Laval and Downtown Montreal. Three guesses what we were talking about. There are a lot of feelings out there, and some of them are a bit surprising. One general theme from my (adult) students was the incomprehensibility that the guy basically screamed on the blog his intentions, and yet no one tried to step in and “help”. And in some cases, my students felt that the police should investigate anyone posting such material on the internet. And then of course we delved into the issue of “freedom of expression”. I was surprised at how many were willing to give that up if it were to prevent further events like this.

Mostly though, everyone is stunned and saddened. Bruised would be a good way to describe the city’s spirit yesterday.

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  1. andre (unregistered) on September 15th, 2006 @ 7:28 am

    I’d be curious to see how many people, on vampirefreak and other sites like this, have sites that are just as desperate and violent. Not everyone who’s lonely and unloved will end up shooting the people around them. In fact the ability to create such a persona in an environment that is populated by like-minded souls may be helpful in some way.

    Being unloved is not the cause of wednesday’s events, it’s just one of many preconditions. Society has to draw a line at a place that allows us to express ourselves but we also need to be made aware that we are ultimately responsible for our own actions.

  2. Valerie G (unregistered) on September 15th, 2006 @ 12:00 pm

    They do investigate but the problem consisted mostly that the guys blog was on an american server… which makes it complicated. believe me.

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