Cavendish link is all talk

There is a lot of more important news in the world but the one that directly affects me is this little blurb in The Gazette. Go read it, especially if you live out west and your daily commute involves the abomination that is the Decarie Exchangeway.

Most depressing is the timeline:

• April 28, 2000: Montreal Mayor Pierre Bourque and Quebec Transport Minister Guy Chevrette sign a $169-million roadwork program that includes the Cavendish extension, to be built in 2001.
• June 2, 2004: Mayor Gerald Tremblay, two weeks before demerger referendums, announces a timeline for a $100-million extension, but no specific project.
• September 2004: Deadline passes for awarding a management contract for the project.
• January 2005: Deadline passes for approval of preliminary concept and to give notice to Quebec Environment Department.
• June 2005: Deadline passes for approval of “definitive concept.”
• December 2005: Deadline passes for start of preparatory work.
• 28 August 2006: Four proposal presented in a closed session of the St-Luc city council…which means that they still haven’t decided what to do!!!

Quite frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass about Cote St-Luc. Could you at least build the 100 meters necessary to connect Cavendish to Royalmount? We don’t care about traffic and trucks, we’re in an industrial park and there’s tons of that already.

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