NB’s Flashmob was a bust.

Thanks to Zeke and the Montrealblog, I was informed of a “formalized flashmob” that took place yesterday in Square Victoria. As predicted, the mob was not nearly as great as envisioned. I was unable to attend personally but I sent my agent to see if anyone really did dress in Croquet gear. Here is her report.


we showed up just before 12, and there was like 2 dozen girls dressed in tennis outfits….skirts, tanks, visors and runners all in whilte..i know the men were craving some rain. I saw a guy fall off the sidewalk cuz he was staring. The girls were cute, but lacked mega pep. I don`t think they all worked for the bank – lokoed like they hired ppl that walked off the SV metro. -and they handed out some tix (we were too late) and told us they would hand out more AFTER the press conference. There was NO crazy crowd…I was disspointed at the turnout – it was just them and the typical lunch crowd at the square. no croquet boys. sad.

so we hung around, thy did some lame frenchie cheers, walked around the square ( i dont think they knew what they were going for) and then disbanded. We wakled to the world trade centre for some snacks and on our way back, no girls nor cricket boys in sight.

On our way back on Viger, we were walking and saw 5 tennis girls huddled in a doorway smoking!!! disgusting.

and we saw another advertising squad, we thought it was croquet boys…. they handed us a post it note pad for : redecouvrez le confort.com

turns out they were adverttising for hanes. equally as lame…wtf, no pep what so ever.

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