Death signs gone wrong

If there is anything I never figured out about myself is whether I believe in signs or not. I don’t even know if I want to believe or not.

I was riding my bike on Beaubien on my way to meet my cousin for lunch. I was going towards a church that was ringing its bell loudly. As I approached, I saw many colorful and casually dressed people getting out and I thought it was a wedding, but it was weird. I’m used to see people dressed in black and white at a wedding. Then I saw a big car with people pushing a coffin in it. It could be empty, but that’s unlikely and we all know what that ceremony is. But it was still weird, I usually see people in black and white at funerals. (Sidenote: Why do people wear the same things at weddings and funerals, two things that are completely different?). I usually also see people with veils on their head.

I rode on and passed in front of another church. The doors, which are usually closed, were wide open and I could see that a ceremony was going on. From the cars parked outside with were the same as the other church, I could tell it was another funeral. That is very strange.

It’s very unusual that I see two funerals in less than ten minutes. I started wondering “Am I going to die today”?

After lunch with my cousin, we went to The Bay in downtown. He wanted to show me a Versace perfume that he just bought for 82$. The perfume was good but the bottle was bad looking. Who cares about the bottle you might wonder. Part of the price is in the bottle and the shape makes it likely to drop it or not. Or maybe I’m just looking too much into it.

We later got in Urban Behavior. It’s a new clothes store that just opened next to Future Shop. In there, I found a white long sleeves shirt with no collar that would look good as part of a tuxedo for only 5$. If you want to go there now, they have items with 50% off the price on the tags.

Later, at around 4 P.M., on my way home , I went to a store called Preloved on Saint-Laurent close to Saint-Joseph. A very old friend works there, of the elementary school kind of old friend. I ended up accepting an invitation to go out tomorrow from someone I haven’t seen since… ?

Now, I am sitting here all dirty and hungry, so I am going to take a shower and eat. I guess I have forgotten all about the two funerals.

Oh and I also found renovatio libertas which is latin for total rebirth of the freedom I used to have, but that’s another story.

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