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More Metroblogging Goodness!

I hope that you have been enjoying this past month at Metroblogging Montreal. Thanks to our new writers and their infectious enthusiasm, we have published a record number of monthly entries (this is #63) as well as the greatest number of posts in a single day (6 on Friday). To add even more of a good thing, I just got an e-mail informing me that were are getting a few more:

Laiya is a true blue Montrealer born and bred. A lifelong Plateau dweller and city gal at heart, she navigates daily amongst the quirky characters that make up this island called ‘home’. Laiya spends her days pushing paper and supports the local economy with her debilitating shopping habit. She also enjoys running and has a penchant for pugs. Laiya is thrilled to be sharing her wry observations and unsolicited rants with the readers of metroblog.

Lisa is a native New Yorker now based in Montreal. Her theory is that the day you realize everything in your wardrobe is black and everything in your apartment is white, it’s time to leave Manhattan.

And last but not least, Leo, an American turned Canadian in Montreal.

Two more transplanted Americans…Frank will be pleased.

Update: I have just noticed that this is my 300th post. :-D

1,583,590 people

Montreal is one big city. There are 1,583,590 people living in the city of Montreal. I have been living here for about 4 years now. And it always freaks me out when I stumble upon someone I know when just walking outside. It happened today! I was walking back home from doing my weekly grocery shoppping, carrying two filled bags, and someone passing by on a bike slows down, saying my name… I look at this person and realize it’s my cousin! She lives in Montreal but we rarely see each other, busy with our own schedules, activities, etc. It was really neat seeing her, just like that! This city isn’t so big afterall…!


The Divers/Cité gay parade was held last night and it seems like it was a success!
Photo taken by Master Urban Hermit, posted on flickr.

At the same time as Divers/Cité, this year our city is hosting the Outgames. August 5th is the last day of the sporting events. On that day there will be a marathon! And you’re welcome to register to run! Although the Outgames are known as the gay games, anyone may participate, gay, straight, bi or asexual! I wish I was able to run a marathon!

A place for the little guys

As a small dog owner, I know the importance of ‘the little guys’ having a place of their own to play. We’ve attended a few of the Montreal Pug meetups and have had a couple of run-ins with drooling, snarling canines (over 3 apples high).

If you are interested in seeing that there is space at the dog run in Parc Lafontaine made into a fenced-offed area for little dog breeds – please call the City of Montreal at 872-6752 and mention file number: 06-100120.

What is it about a live newscast and a gay pride parade???

Not sure how many of you caught the evening news tonight on CFCF but it was a hoot! Anytime that a newscaster did a live report from the Gay Village, people would congregate around them like moths to a flame.

While Annie Demelt tryed to give a recap of the opening night ceremonies, she was flanked from behind by a vinyl and fishnet-clad young lady wearing hot pink elbow-length gloves who performed a sultry little dance as poor Demelt stoicly spoke of Mayor Tremblay’s speech and attempted to keep her composure.

Then for the weather report, weathercaster Lori Graham had a man with a rainbow lei try to move in beside her to get in the shot! There’s something about a camera that brings out the diva in all of us…

Lights in Parc Lafontaine

Blue waterfall

This fountain in Parc Lafontaine changes color every few minutes. So far, I have seen blue, red, white, yellow and green.

Urine or tobacco smoke?

Mr Icon published a hilarious commentary on the smoking in bars debate. Just replace “bar” with “swimming pool”.

“We have always maintained that it’s the customer who should decide what is and isn’t allowed at the recreation facility that they frequent. Many of our clients have expressed the wish to be able to pee while in the water, and I don’t see why we have to force them to leave the company of their friends and do it in an uncomfortable chilly room with cold floors. I can’t even fathom how much business we have lost because of this ridiculous requirement.”

Thanks Kate.

Passing on the parade

The Divers/Cité parade will take place tonight on René Levesque between de Lorimier and St-Hubert. It will begin at 8h45 PM under the Jacques Cartier Bridge and there should be a minute of silence at 9h30. I will be followed by a big party on Berri Square.

Unfortunately yours truly won’t be there. While I absolutely adored the 2004 afternoon parade, as a photographer I found last year’s event to be an exercise in frustration. Even though this year’s organizers are promising even more light, the parade route has been shortened to only 16 city blocks. Combine this will all of the Outgames visitors and we are looking at a fairly dense crowd. I don’t know if I should blame the organizers, the city of Montreal or George W. Bush, but I simply can’t imagine moving around with a tripod under such conditions.

In the words of the immortal Cartman: Screw you guys, I’m going home!

Flickr-ed OutGames?

I just popped over to Flickr and typed in Montreal OutGames in the search bar but got a disappointing return thus far. Inexplicably, most seem to be photos from Manchester (???). There are a small handful of photos but far less than I expected.

Hopefully there will be more up soon!

Death signs gone wrong

If there is anything I never figured out about myself is whether I believe in signs or not. I don’t even know if I want to believe or not.

I was riding my bike on Beaubien on my way to meet my cousin for lunch. I was going towards a church that was ringing its bell loudly. As I approached, I saw many colorful and casually dressed people getting out and I thought it was a wedding, but it was weird. I’m used to see people dressed in black and white at a wedding. Then I saw a big car with people pushing a coffin in it. It could be empty, but that’s unlikely and we all know what that ceremony is. But it was still weird, I usually see people in black and white at funerals. (Sidenote: Why do people wear the same things at weddings and funerals, two things that are completely different?). I usually also see people with veils on their head.

I rode on and passed in front of another church. The doors, which are usually closed, were wide open and I could see that a ceremony was going on. From the cars parked outside with were the same as the other church, I could tell it was another funeral. That is very strange.

It’s very unusual that I see two funerals in less than ten minutes. I started wondering “Am I going to die today”?

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