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Hail Alert

I’m near the Decarie Circle and the storm is currently dropping pea-sized hail. Watch out downtown, it’s heading your way.

Killing people is hard work


I have always wanted to go to Mont Royal on Sunday afternoon to experience the tam tams. After “wasting” part of a beautiful day watching two World Cup games, we decided to skip the last one to go see what must be a photographic nirvana.

I have nowhere as much talent as Jonathan when it comes to portraits so I decided to go for something different: playing the role of a medieval war photographer. I’ll have to go back again, if only to correct a few technical flaws. And yes, my inner geek was grinning from ear to ear.

Nevertheless, fighting in the Middle Ages must have been hell ;-). Even though the weapons were made of foam, the high temperature was clearly having an impact on the participants. I don’t want to imagine what it must have been with real swords and no chance to rest without losing one’s head.

Vibrant d’énergie

Did you see the following description in the past few days?

M’s rich history of diverse cultures, varied climate, and northern location has instilled a unique energy that radiates from the hearts and minds of our people. As the birthplace of many successful artists, musicians and entrepreneurs who compete on the world stage, M is a wellspring of energy. This mobilizing force and enterprising spirit propels our province and its people, and drives our success. A rich past, a vibrant future – it’s ours.

Which M does it apply to? Answer here.

Mmm.. What’s that noise outside?

Last night I was watching Edmonton play agains’t Carolina in the Stanley Cup finals game 6 (and the Oilers won that game 4-0 in the end, yay!). And then at around 22h I started hearing strange sounds outside. At first I thought it was my neighbour upstairs on his balcony banging something. Then I thought it was people in cars outside. Then I thought it was thunder. And finally I made the link… It’s the fireworks! Yep the fireworks started last night! “L’international des feux Loto-Québec” takes places on various dates until July 29th.
Photograph by Sly—-, taken from flickr.

Mozart in Montreal

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart. If that excites you, then it may be you should aim to attend a Mozart Marathon that’s coming up. It’s part of the Montreal Chamber Music Festival now running from June 9 – 30th. The Festival arranges performances in historic sites by renowned international artists and rising stars and helps emphasize Montreal’s cultural richness and diversity.

The venue this year is St. James United Church, which is now revealed to the world after all the years it was hidden on St. Catherine St. behind rows of tawdry shops. It also contains a fine Casavant organ, which will really be put through its paces during the Festival.

The Marathon is entitled Mozart Madness and runs from 12 noon to 12 midnight on June 22. Joan Lagacé-Dowson interviewed Denis Brott, the founder and Artistic Director of the Festival, during the lunch hour today on CBC Montreal. He is a member of the celebrated Montreal musical family. Mr. Brott is also a fine cellist and on the final evening he will be playing a Cello that was built 50 years before Mozart was born. Certainly sounds something not to be missed.

Wearing out our fingers

Because I spend way too much time on my occasionally hot Powerbook, the tip of my fingers are gradually becoming oversensitive to pressure and heat. Now I’ll be able to blame the phone companies instead of my precious Apple.

Starting this Saturday, every telephone call will have to use 10 digit numbers instead of 7. Even call from within the island will have to add 514.

Starting in October, new numbers will come with the new 438 area code.

Makes me wonder if we’ll be able to pawn our precious 514 numbers on eBay.

Good & Bad – tee hee


Here is one reason why you really do want to pay that freelance writer at least the going rate next time you need something written.

Zeke seems to have a tooth ache, or is he trying to look like he is above all this nonsense?

Yes, it is a bad scan… the first line reads ‘Chris Hand and his independent gallery rank among the great names in art as Daniel Langlois and others.’ Or if you prefer the original ‘Au milieu des grands noms de l’art, tels que Daniel Langlois et autres, on retrouve Chris Hand et sa galerie independante.’ [yes, it is an alright translation.]

I almost bust a gut laughing when I read it the first time, and it still makes me giggle like a school girl when I look at it. It is the centerfold of the Saint Laurent street guide, and I am greatful and extremely appreciative of being chosen to be the centerfold, but golly whizz, I am not certain I can truly believe any words that are written in it. Me ‘n’ Dan? Ha! oil and water is more like it.

When you’re walking up Saint Laurent during the street fair – (head’s up, your commute is about to get much worse) pick up a copy and let me know if you can find any other silliness.

The World Cup is fun

I never see this kind of stuff with other sports. Or at least, when it does happen with other sports, it’s not as visible as with the World Cup.

The only time the media will ever come to a bar for a sport is going to be when the Habs get to the finals for the Stanley Cup, whenever that will be. Maybe it has already happened for some other reason and I’m just unaware of it.

Bayou Brazil about 40 minutes ago. Bayou Brazil about 40 minutes ago.

On the street where I live there are… so many flags of Italy that I can’t even count and… one flag of Portugal.

The World Cup is fun.

End of year vernissage

Each year, Quebec’s CEGEPs produce a new crop of artists, writers, and musicians in what is surely the country’s largest free arts training program. If you can, come check out some of this year’s photography graduates; the show runs until June 16.


Heard a good one on CBC

What usually comes after two full days of rain?


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