Good & Bad – tee hee


Here is one reason why you really do want to pay that freelance writer at least the going rate next time you need something written.

Zeke seems to have a tooth ache, or is he trying to look like he is above all this nonsense?

Yes, it is a bad scan… the first line reads ‘Chris Hand and his independent gallery rank among the great names in art as Daniel Langlois and others.’ Or if you prefer the original ‘Au milieu des grands noms de l’art, tels que Daniel Langlois et autres, on retrouve Chris Hand et sa galerie independante.’ [yes, it is an alright translation.]

I almost bust a gut laughing when I read it the first time, and it still makes me giggle like a school girl when I look at it. It is the centerfold of the Saint Laurent street guide, and I am greatful and extremely appreciative of being chosen to be the centerfold, but golly whizz, I am not certain I can truly believe any words that are written in it. Me ‘n’ Dan? Ha! oil and water is more like it.

When you’re walking up Saint Laurent during the street fair – (head’s up, your commute is about to get much worse) pick up a copy and let me know if you can find any other silliness.

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  1. Martine (unregistered) on June 14th, 2006 @ 7:08 pm

    It’s just because you’re so damn photogenic. ;-)

  2. Zeke (unregistered) on June 14th, 2006 @ 7:14 pm


    Thanks but I wish Benji (the author) could write as well as he took pictures.

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