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Rainy day in Montreal

No parking…

What’s coming on July 1st? Moving day frenzy! But it seems it’s already started… Today I was walking back from the grocery store when I noticed how people save parking spaces outside on the street for their moving trucks… It’s the first time I see this! The following four were all within a few meters of each other…

Using an old shelve, old chairs and a piece of wood…
No parking 1

Two chairs and pieces of wood… It seems someone just pushed these away to park anyways…!
No parking 2

Rocking chair and pieces of wood…
No parking 3

No parking signs, old TV and plastic tape…
No parking 4

Not at night again!

With images of the Toronto Pride Parade showing up in photoblogland, I decided to check out the schedule for Montreal’s Divers/Cite Parade that will take place on July 30th.

Unfortunately, the organizers have obviously ignored my comments from last year and have again decided to hold this “colorful” event in the evening hours. Capturing dancing and gyrating people in low light is quite simply impossible. In addition, the parade route will be shorter which means more people in the way. That really doesn’t make sense to me since the Out Games are supposed to bring in even more participants. In addition, I feel that a Sunday afternoon parade is more inclusive since it allows many families to bring in their kids. Isn’t that the point?

My galleries of this event have always been popular so I’ll probably come again this year but I hope that their promises of more light will make my job easier.


It’s summertime and there are fireworks all over the planet. They are truly magnificient.

In Montreal, Switzerland and Italy have already lit up the Saint-Lawrence River since June 17. Eight more performances are scheduled. So far, the weather has been in their favor.

Fireworks can make beautiful photos. Some believe them to be too difficult to take, but the universal law of photography is that if it can be seen it can be shot. We only need to learn how.

Many people watch the pretty lights, but are clueless that it is actually a competition and the lights walk hand in hand with a soundtrack. If you’ve never at La Ronde next to the place where the fireworks are launched, you should go. It’s a completely different feeling and you will actually be able to judge whether the performance was good or not. Well… that’s only good when it’s not raining.

Crazy weekend

It was a great weekend! The weather was perfect! The Grand Prix, St-Jean Baptiste and fireworks! Montreal really is a great city during the Summer time! There is always so much happening! What did you all do this past weekend?

I went to the Grand Prix of course… I really enjoyed the race weekend and it’s hard to believe it’s already over!! The crowd near Grandstand 12…
People grandstand 12

And Fernando Alonso leading Kimi Raikkonen…

Open Pits Day

Today I went to the Open Pits day at the track. It was just as crowded as previous years, not too much people that you can’t see anything but still enough to make it a success! I saw mechanics working… I saw officials making sure everything was being done according to the rules… I was able to get closer into the garage at Toro Rosso and Red Bull to take photographs… I also spotted a few drivers! Fernando Alonso (Renault) walked the track with some of his team mates. Jacques Villeneuve (BMW Sauber) left his garage to go do interviews further on the track. And Jenson Button (BAR) driving to the Island in a white Acura. A few of my photographs…

Official looking at a car piece…
Official looking at a car piece

Fernando Alonso (in black) walking the track…
Fernando Alonso (in black) walking the track

Jacques Villeneuve leaving his garage…
Jacques Villeneuve leaving his garage

All of them are available in my photo album.

Grand Prix

The Formula One Grand Prix of Canada is taking place this weekend and I am going! Ever since I moved to Montréal I’ve attended the race. This weekend is filled with activities. Tomorrow the action will begin on île Ste-Hélène! There is the Open Pits day from 9h to 13h. That’s your chance to get an upclose look at the cars and mechanics at work. Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday the drivers will speed around the track in their sleek Formula 1 cars. Surrounding the Grand Prix there are also activities downtown: Crescent, Peel and (also new from this year) adjacent to the Bell Centre at René Lévesque and Drummond. You’ll find cars on display, demonstrations, concerts, etc. Lots to do this weekend for race lovers!
Ferrari store display
Photograph by Quan Nguyen, taken from flickr.

Large metro wagons

I never looked at other subways. The only one I know in the world is Montreal’s metro. I saw this photo of the interior of a wagon of the metro in Taipei, then I though, it would be nice to have wagons as large as that in Montreal.

This is just me talking. Large in Montreal would mean rebuilding all the tracks to make them larger as well and I doubt that anybody is willing to do that.

The way it is now is fine. Tourists love it.

A small request for Madonna

I can understand the tediousness of not being able to go out in public, and I can seriously understand the security concerns, Mark David Chapman has certainly taught us that.

But would it kill you to wave during those two seconds between your hotel door and the limo? Or better yet, look your fans in the eyes. They may be a royal pain but ultimately they are the ones that allow you to afford that lovely suite at the St-James.

It’s the little things that count.

New York #1, Toronto #3 and Montreal #21

So guess what scale this ranking is measured on. Apparently it’s the politeness scale. The Reader’s Digest did an unscientific survey of 36 cities around the world and that’s what the results showed. .. and I thought journalists were thought to be more credible than bloggers. It makes you wonder.

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