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Time for something positive all around

Before today, unhappy non smokers. Starting from today, unhappy smokers. On the bright side, I know people who have quit months ago in preparation of this day. I also know people who are quitting today. Basically, some people are happy, some aren’t.

What I bring to you with this post should not generate so much any opposition among humans… anywhere. I came across this wonderful photoblog of Julien. He makes crappy places like the rail of the Olympic Stadium’s elevator look so good.

So let it be written, So let it be done…

So Quebec is now smoke free in privately owned public spaces. As a non-smoker, I look forward to patronizing smoke-free bars. But as a citizen, I find the manner to achieve that a bit heavy handed. Yes, apparently every other city on the planet is doing it, but you can always wish that your local officials will address the issue with more reason. Give the citizens options instead of an across the board ban. It was done for elite cigar smokers.

Yes, we all loath big tobacco along with Walmart, fast food chains, and big oil. They have been less than forthcoming and morally responsible in the interest of money. But, don’t ONLY punish the end user for something that has been socially acceptable for ages. I know these thoughts are a bit late, but for the next thing that becomes socially unacceptable, hopefully we will address the issue with more reason and compassion.

According to a report on CanadaAM this morning, perfume and cologne are the next up. So far their plan is for a public awareness campaign to show the public how people are affected by it. Their goal is for people to refrain from wearing cologne and perfume in public places. So I guess I’ll just wear it at home or in the car.

Useless cars

Cars in green

I am still adjusting to all the green that has appeared since winter. I really need to get out more during the day than at night. Actually, I just need to get out more.

Anyways, this photo was taken last Wednesday. Before reaching Saint-Denis street to go downtown I often go though streets in residential areas like this one. There are so many parked cars in front of those homes and they are quite useless.

In commercial areas, it’s fine to see a parked car, because you figure someone used it to go to work. Not that I like trucks but they are much more useful than those parked cars. There are way more cars on this blue planet than there needs to be.

I keep hearing from out of towners that Montreal’s public transportation is so great. Personnally, I hate the bus, but I still use it when I have to.

What we do now echoes in eternity. Although, it doesn’t do much to us now, it will affect the quality of life in following centuries, whether the lives are human or otherwise.

Taking it outside

Over in The Smoking Section, which is where I usually hang out, I’ve begun a series of posts explaining my opposition to the current version of Bill 112. I am reposting the introduction to the series below; if you’re interested reading more, you are cordially invited to join me there. If not, feel free to peruse the many other interesting blogs that can be found on the Internet. Some of them are really quite good. :-)


Last night we were watching the TVA news and they had yet another piece on the upcoming smoking ban. For the piece, they went to one place I wouldn’t have thought about. Bingo halls. So they are interviewing the patrons and they are getting the standard responses like “I’m waiting to see what kind of effect it has.” and “I don’t know if I’ll come back.” But the one that interested me the most was “If they enforce the ban, I’m never coming back!”

Now, is this really a bad thing. I can see going to this sort of place once in a while like going bowling, playing quilles, or even playing slots. But for these retirees, it was evident that it’s their life. Really, I think it’s a good thing they get out of there. Maybe they can start doing more constructive things with their time like painting, playing cards with friends, becoming WalMart greeters, watching Oprah, Dr Phil, and Vero, doing crossword puzzles at McDo, or surfing the internet and blogging.

The Guardian goes ga-ga over Montreal musicians


I don’t know if it is because it is Victoria Day weekend or what, but on Saturday and Sunday there were two articles on Leonard Cohen (one & two) and then today, there was an article on Martha Wainwright.

Who’s next? The Adam Brown?


This is nuts! If anyone has a neighbor who builds boats and goes by Noah, please let me know. I may need his services soon.

Montreal City of Design.

It’s not that I can’t talk about it here, it’s just that it’s about design and I would rather talk about it there even though it’s very much related to Montreal.

Help Wanted

Employer: Government of Quebec
Job Category: 13C – SNITCH
Pay Rate: Commensurate with experience

The Quebec Ministry of Health seeks undercover surveillance operatives to report smokers to the government without their awareness or consent. Successful candidates will work in plainclothes, under cover of darkness, and without drawing attention to their status as government agents. Prior experience working for government agencies in the former Soviet Bloc an asset. Impermeability to the seething hatred of over 1.8 million of their fellow citizens essential.

For application details, see below.

iPod travel karaoke

The family and I went to Quebec city last weekend to see my father-in-law after his surgery. On these trips, it is common for my two teenage daughters to bury themselves in their iPods but the situation that day was different. My youngest forgot to charge her Nano so they ended up sharing the same player…and signing. Oh my God the signing!

There is something about a pair of girls belting out some Aerosmith but without the music it’s just weird. In preparation for our trip to NYC next summer I’d like to find a way to hook-up my Suzuki’s stereo to an iPod. We tried, and hated, the FM transmitters and would much rather pay more for a direct connection.

Any suggestions?

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