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One more day and it’s over

I was recently reminded that tomorrow is the last day for you to vote for The Mirror’s Best of Montreal as well as its French equivalent, TopIci.

I you don’t feel like agonizing over the minimum 25 choices, don’t forget that Zeke had previously posted a cheat sheet.

Moving on?

An important message from our benevolent Yulblog dictator:

If you live in Montréal and are part of Yulblog, I’d like you to read this and answer this survey. The one liner, do you agree to moving our monthly Yulblog meetings to Laïka?

(Pass the word and post the link please)

– Patrick

Discovering new Montreal-based photoblogs

ufo.jpg has recently changed its format, most notably by integrating tags. I was going through those that were tagged with Montreal when I came across this gorgeous photoblog by Julien Roumagnac. You’ll love his images of the Olympic Stadium as a slightly smaller UFO.

Tell us your stories


The most astute amongst you have probably noticed a new link on the right-side column. For many months, I and others have been bugging our Metroblogging Overlords to allow our faithful readers to suggest interesting stories that warrant publication in their local Metroblogging site. We might be well connected but we do have lives and we are not yet famous enough to get invited to all of the coolest events cough Madonna concert cough.

Using an interface borrowed from (don’t worry, they’re cool with that) readers can now send us links, scoops or interesting nuggets and, if they are interesting, these will be picked up and enhanced by one of the Metroblogging Montreal writers. If you so desire, you will receive full credit and a link back to your own web page.

Of course, there are a few rules that need to be followed, click on the link for details:

Metroblogging is not an events listing.
Please do not submit press releases.
Please try to include a link.
Details are important.
We only write about things that relate specifically to Montreal.

I sincerely hope that this works and that you will be taking advantage of this new feature that has the potential for completely changing the dynamics of the Metroblogging sites and to greatly posting frequency.

Ubisoft Montreal in the top 10 list of best developpers

It is well-known that Montreal has a good impact on the video games industry and that is largely due to Ubisoft. As you can see on the top 10 list, Ubisoft Montreal is ranked 6th in the list of most powerful developpers.
You can view the whole list at once through this printer-friendly view or you can view 10 pages starting from the 100th best developper.


Happy Easter to everyone! And with Easter most of us think about yummy chocolate Easter bunnies… I passed by this shop window on St-Hubert… Welcome to Oscar’s chocolate world!



Metroblogging forays into virtual worlds


This is just too funny!

Not content to spread its local blogging tentacles all over the world, the Metroblogging family is now moving on to the virtual ones. Fans of the massively popular online game World of Warcraft now have a new place to call home, Metroblogging Azeroth.

“Sale Pub Sexiste”

Some advertisements are controversial. Some are funny. Some are simply tasteless. Some are hilarious. Some are ordinary.

I pass by this bus stop sometimes. And on the bus stop there is a very sexual ad, featuring two girls in a sexy pose, revealing clothing, etc. It’s an ad from Buffalo, David Bitton. The girls resemble the ones on this snapshot from the David Bitton website…
Website Snapshot

But today as I passed by the ad looked different… Someone covered it up!
Buffalo Ad
It reads “Ne me pornographie plus. Quand tu trembles devant ta propre naissance. Sale pub sexiste.” Which doesn’t make total sense to me but I guess in English it means “Don’t pornography me. When you tremble looking at (or in front of) your own birth. Filthy sexist ad.”

I wonder if Eve will get a lot of emails concerning her ad…? I wonder why Eve did this? Was Eve scared of being caught/seen? Did Eve think doing this would make a difference?

A quick Internet search and I found Dads & Daughters website with an alert to “Get Buffalo Jeans to Stop Aiming Porn Marketing at Girls.” It seems their ads have also been controversial in the past…

It smells good

At 9:30 PM last night, I was walking home. There were very very few drops of rain, but I could very smell the rain about to come. That taste is incredible. It fully blocks the smell of pollution and all crap. The smell of coming rain is better than any perfume in the world.

Universities in Montreal & podcasting


For reasons that are better left unwritten, I’ve been following with interest, the state of podcasting in the local universities.

McGill: Daniel Levitin has one mp3 from a conference, posted, which technically ain’t a podcast, and some mirrors of articles from Scientific American that have the word “podcast” in them. Otherwise the search engine give bupkiss.

Concordia: A bunch of mailing lists that mention the word “podcasting.” But still bupkiss.

Universite de Montreal: A very nice start, especially considering you gotta look for both “podcast” and “baladodiffusion” in their search engine. The Centre d’Études et de Formation en Enseignement Supérieur not only has a separate podcasting/baladiffusion page, but it is prominently listed on the front page, under News, as well. Now if they could manage to post more than the two, we’d be sitting pretty.

Universite du Quebec a Montreal: They score points, because the radio station is podcasting. But from the search engine, there ain’t nobody else there doing anything other than bupkiss.

Anybody else know of any podcasts coming from these fine fine institutions of higher education?

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