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Liveblogging Game 5

• Lesson for today, if the game doesn’t start at 7, don’t assume that it starts at 8. I got in 30 minutes late and it’s already 1-0 Carolina.
• When I was living in Chapel Hill, the crowd at the Dean Dome had the nickname “wine and cheese crowd” because of their tendency to sit on their hands. Looks like a lot of them got Hurricane tickets.
• Nice way to start the period, Carolina gets hit with a high sticking penalty.
• The three of us have all noticed how the energy level seems to be lower than the past two games.
• After seeing the Canadien bench, it looks like the no shaving tradition is still alive and well.
• Maybe it’s just me but it appears that most of the Canadien’s shots on goal are coming from the back corners.
• Markov gets a delay of game penalty for throwing the puck out of the field. Dumb!
• Really really dumb! 2-0 Carolina.
• Kovalev got a great slap shot in but unfortunately it bounced off the goal post. It almost sounded like a whistle and I was wondering why they kept on playing.
• Score by Kovalev! 2-1.
• Second time Carolina starts a period with a penalty. They bumped Huet, make them pay!
• Very uninspiring and sloppy passing during that critical power play. A goal right now would have been huge.
• What’s the deal with throwing the puck across the blue line during a power play?
• Another penalty for goaltender interference. Montreal’s powerplays have been anemic today.
• Lasted about 35 seconds before Souray gets a penalty of his own. Got it while trying to stop a 2 against 1 breakaway.
• Both goalies are red hot tonight, Ward stopped two slapshots and right after, Huet was solid against a breakaway. 3:30 to go.
• Just like two days ago, we get a penalty with less than 3 minutes to go and we have to play defense instead of tying that darn thing.
• They were playing better with a man down than during all of their powerplays. Time out with seconds to go.
• It’s over, Carolina wins again. I have watched three games and the end result have been somewhat dissapointing…to say the least.

Liveblogging the Habs-Carolina game

• My wife is not allowed off the couch anymore. She only got off twice and Carolina scored both times.
• My youngest daughter is feeling the effects of divided loyalties. She was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
• Finally a penalty, didn’t help much though.
• Note to self, do not forget to put down glass of beer before celebrating goal. I just hope that beer can help re-grow hair.
• Wife off the couch during Carolina power-play…not good.
• Double power-play!!!!
• God they sucked…but only for a little while. TIED GAME!
• Watching the game with a bunch of teenage girls is tons of fun. They are really getting in to this.
• Now they are wondering where they can find a CH bra.
• Did they whistle before the goal? Looks like Carolina should have gotten this one.
• 2nd intermission, 2-2, time for another beer.
• I need to start tying people down, one daughter goes to the kitchen and Carolina scores again.
• Aye ce-tu fini l’pitchage de puck?
• If anybody has a Cam Ward doll, now is the time to stick needles into it.
• Time-out with 10 sec left. The suspense is killing us.
• 3-2 Carolina. Screaming girls all over my living room. Maybe a return to Raleigh will be a good thing.
• Ultimately the fault lies with my wife who went to bed before it was all over.

Big fat fire.

The fire took place at the topmost floor of a building close to metro Beaudry. I’ve never seen so many firemen. How ironic… this is the 666th post.


RIP Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs has died at 89 in Toronto. Jacobs was an urban activist and writer about cities. If you don’t know who she was, you should do some checking. A great lady.

Wil Weaton in Montreal

Wil Weaton first appeared on our geekdar as a certain StarTrek-TNG ensign but he has since moved on to more fulfilling roles as a blogger, writer, comedian and celebrity poker player. I won’t even mention his contributions to, the ancestor to all things Metroblogging.

Anyway, I have just read on his blog that Wil will be in Montreal on June 22th and there is the possibility of a book signing at a library to be determined. He’ll then board a StarTrek-themed cruise up the St-laurence and down to Boston. God I woudn’t want to be the captain on that ship ;-)

I just hope that he doesn’t get the impression that Montreal is populated by Eurotrash. We’re having the F1 race that same weekend.

Canadiens braving the Hurricanes

The Habs are doing awesome!

Photo from, Ryder scoring the winning goal!

Game 1 and 2 in Raleigh in front of the Hurricanes fans were won by our Canadiens! Way to go!

Game 1 featured a really strong Canadiens team which won 6 to 1.

Game 2 tonight was much closer with a second overtime win for the Habs, 6 to 5.

What will Game 3 bring? It’ll take place Wednesday April 26 at the Bell Centre. Any of our readers going?? I bet there will be a highly charged atmosphere!

Human Computer Interaction Experts In Montreal

CHI 2006 is the premier international conference for human-computer interaction and it’s taking place this week in Montreal at the Palais des Congrès (Convention Center).

This is cutting edge stuff. For example, if you want to get involved in some way, they’re creating an Open Guide of Montreal. OpenGuides™ is a network of free, community-maintained wiki guidebooks to places around the world. Anyone is free to contribute, whether it’s by writing new articles or editing the articles that we already have. It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

Archi-tourist Montreal

A good friend of mine, John, started up a webpage that may be of interest to architects or those interested in contemporary architecture. Here’s the description.

Welcome to The Archi-Tourist, a free, Wiki-based travel guide to contemporary architecture around the globe, started in 2005. The Wiki software enables multiple users to create and edit the content of the site, meaning The Archi-Tourist will grow and evolve over time as more and more people contribute.

I bring this up because Montreal has still not been listed on the website. John and I would be able to add entries ourselves, and we probably will, but we both are busy with major life events. So I’m writing to call for entries by anyone with more free time who is an architect or has a good knowledge of contemporary architecture. Montreal has some great buildings that have been completed in the recent past that the rest of the world should take notice.

It is a good starting point to explore contemporary buildings if you go travelling. Hopefully it will continue to grow to have more to offer.

Perky Montreal

Apparently Katie Couric, the new anchorwoman for CBS News, doesn’t like being called perky. At least that’s what the Montreal Gazette tells us. Pity. I think the word ‘perky’ is a very positive word. Indeed perhaps in the search for a new brand for Montreal, we could include the word ‘perky’.

It wouldn’t be the first time. Frommer’s in its Introduction to Montreal states the following:

Montréal is a modern city in every regard. Its downtown bristles with skyscrapers, but many of them are playful, almost perky, with unexpected shapes and bright, uncorporate colors.

We’re told that Ms. Couric might have been much happier with the word ‘gravitas’. Apparently that’s more appropriate for an anchorwoman. Well surprise, surprise. Montreal has that too according to one writer in the SkyscraperForums. Perhaps that’s part of the Montreal magic. We have perky gravitas.

A Date For Business Bloggers

If you’re a business blogger, you should mark the last Tuesday evening of every month. Michel Leblanc and Philippe Martin are the founding members of a group called Yulbizz. It meets from 17 :30 to 19 :30 (or later) at Café Mélies in Excentris (3540, boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal). It’s modeled on the very successful Yulblog group, but seems to already have achieved a certain momentum at its first meeting with 20 people present. You can read an account (in French) at Michel Leblanc’s blog. So on Tuesday 25th April why not join the group.

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