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Summer sucks


Summer is never warm, it’s just incredibly hot. Compare any summer day and today. You can’t wear anything you want during summer. Today, anybody could wear anything and nobody would be too cold or too hot (except in the subway and on the bus). Of course, the “wear anything” part has limits. During summer, if you’re not wearing anything short, you get all burnt up. Today, the temperature was ideal: close to 20oC.

Basically, I’m just saying that today, or this time of the year, is definitely in the top 5 days of the year.

Reverse disorder in Montrealers

I was in the subway on my way home about an hour and a half ago. It’s a very hot and nice day today and tomorrow will be even better. I noticed that people in the subways are even more dressed up than those in the streets. Not that there was a big difference today, but it’s actually a little warmer in the tunnels.

Feed the world!

If our lovely city is just too small for you, then point your RSS feed reader to the following address:

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Two more days and my own version of March Madness will finally be over. Expect many more entries from yours truly.

Bad Ad



If I was going to eat at Pizzedelic, I sure as shootin’ won’t be now. For the blokes and square heads reading, the translation would be “The end of hunger; a practical guide.” On the back they list a bunch of pizzas that you can get delivered to your door for a supplement of as little as 14%.

If you truly are interested in ending hunger, you might want to start here, or here, or here. I

I don’t know who was the bright light that came up with the campaign, or what manager said “sounds like a brilliant idea!” But if the whois for their website is up to date, then I would guess that they work at 73dpi. But I’ve been wrong before.


Yesterday I was walking along St-Hubert Street and I noticed this clever advertisement!


I don’t own a car but I know around this time of the year all we hear about are these “nids-de-poule” on the streets! According to a communiqué, there will be up to 230 workers trying to fix all of these holes on the streets at the height of the operation. If we look at last year… 150 000 holes were fixed and 4750 tons of asphalt used!

Day of Action

On Thursday, a demonstration will be held to commemorate the anniversary of the 2005 student strike. For more information, check out the Education is a Right website, or click on the poster image below.


FYI, I’ll be the one wearing the red square! ;-)

Montreal Business Bloggers Get-Together

There’s a new rendez-vous for all Montreal-based business bloggers. This will be a monthly get-together and was inspired by another Montreal Blog group, Yulblog. This group will meet-up on the last Tuesday of every month from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (and later) at Café Melies in Ex-Centris (3540 Saint-Laurent). It all gets started this coming Tuesday, March 28th.

You can read more details in French on the blog of Michel Leblanc, who is pulling this together, with Philippe Martin.

Here’s a survey for you

Yulblogger and former Metroblogging contributor Heather M is currently doing a research and design course in Concordia and she’s is looking for a few kind souls that would be willing to fill-up a 5 minutes survey that deals primarily with contraceptive usage.

She needs at leasts 70-100 responses to reach “statistical significance” and results will be posted on her blog.

Sorry for not writing more recently. The last month of the fiscal year is always a busy time for us civil servants and I’m also traveling a lot these days. In fact, I am writing this from the Ottawa Airtport lounge as I am waiting for my flight to Vancouver.

And no, I did not see Brigitte Bardot while I was here.

-3°C… I want 25°C!

Ok sure they are doing Spring cleaning… But where is Spring???!?!!?!! On March 20 Spring supposedly arrived. But it’s still cold. And this morning it was snowing a bit. I am so sick of my scarf, my coat, my boots, my gloves and freezing every time I go outside!

I want warm Spring days. I want sun. I want Summer. I want flowers blooming. I want the outside markets selling nice fruit and vegetables. I want the city to become vibrant again. Who else is really tired of Winter??? What are you most looking forward to when the nice weather comes back???

From Meteomedia
Right now 2°C (feeling of -2°C)
Thursday -1°C (feeling of -6°C) to 8°C
Friday -1°C to 6°C
Saturday -3°C to 6°C
Sunday -3°C to 5°C
Monday -3°C to 4°C
Tuesday -2°C to 6°C
Clouds and a bit of sun.

spring dragging its heels by beavers abroad
Photo from flickr, beavers abroad.

Spring Cleanup

The commute into work this morning through the Plateau was a flurry of blue collar activity. I easily saw a dozen people picking up winter garbage off the street along with three street sweepers picking up some of that gravel. The east side of the Main had been swept clean overnight and they were in the process of cleaning up the west side. Was this part of the mayor’s initiative to clean up the city or is this an annual occurance that I haven’t been privy to? My cynical side also wonders if it purposely took place during rush hour for maximum exposure.

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