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Remember back at the end of January the SPVM hired 133 new cops to deal with circulation on the Montreal Island. I didn’t think I’d notice a difference but now at least twice a week I see someone pulled over and a cop giving them a ticket. And before I never saw that! So I guess those extra cops are making a bit of a difference. Have you gotten a ticket for speeding, running a red light, etc? Do you think we need even more cops on the roads to make sure the rules of circulation are followed?

Cop Cars
Cop Cars photo by sven (flickr)

Apartment life

Do you live in an apartment building? I do! Here’s my living room… Notice the painted walls?
My apartment

Have you had to deal with your landlord/building owner? I just did and I’m so angry! It’s not a huge issue (painted walls) but still why do they always try and get their way? It’s so annoying. We pay them a lot for rent monthly. They could be nice to us… But no! Much more fun to not be eh?

You can read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of today’s adventure with the building owner.

What have your experiences been??? Good?? Bad??

I’m so happy I’m moving to a new apartment in less than a week!

Montrealers in Torino – Day 10

Maybe the men’s hockey team should pool part of their $95 million salary and use it to convince the women to teach them how to win gold medals ;-)

Unfortunately, yesterday’s fall during the dance short program has forced Dubreuil and Lauzon to forfeit today’s competition. Hopefully she will be ok for the World’s Championships in a few weeks.

New Metroblogging template

Pretty nifty eh? Check out the Global Map.

And no I had nothing to do with this, all of this hard work comes courtesy of our American overlords. I kinda knew that some changes were in the works but didn’t know what or when. Bloggers aren’t terribly well known for keeping secrets.

[update] As a consequence of the new format, the Metroblogging Montreal Flickr Group is now open to the public.

[update2] Some more info on the redesign.

Montrealers in Torino – Day 9

Lets just say that, compared to the men’s hockey team, danse skating pair Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon had a pretty good day.

How do you get a derailed train off a bridge


It’s been an interesting day in St-Lambert as engineers from the Canadian Pacific were trying to find a way to get one of two large cranes onto the railroad bridge where it is hoped that they could be used to remove several derailed wagons. Lots of journalists, residents and people in hard hats milling around but it certainly looks like this bridge, which also serves commuters on the Delson-Candiac line, will remain blocked for another day. A bus service will serve the various stations.

Full size images are here.

The walls in the Metro may be falling down…

but please protect us from these terrorist photographers.


While Jeliel was trying to document the enhanced decrepitude of our metro system, the local rent-a-cops seemed to consider that his camera was more of a threat than the possibility of falling concrete.

When will authorities learn that trying to cover up the truth will always make the story look worse for them?

Je me souviens

That’s Quebec’s slogan meaning “I remember”. I had a history book in High School with that name. You’ll find on every vehicule in Quebec.

I remember last year, because this is when I would learn that students would be striking against the government. Search for strikes on this website and you’ll see what happened last year.

Also this time, last year, I was creating a brochure for a travel agency. I’m also doing that X3 this year, that would explain why I haven’t written anything since… I don’t know when was the last time I wrote anything. Even my own blog has been suffering. There are only two things that keep me going. Obviously, money, and the other thing is the fact that I will be able to look back and be proud of something I did and of the progress I’ve made.

About Montreal, others have pointed how freezing it is. It seems Winter has finally decided to arrive. Unlike any other Winters, the temperature switching between -30oC and 0oC like a kid playing with a light switch. The result? People sneezing all over the place. I’m glad not to be among them, but I have been feeling dizzy, but that must be all the work I’ve been doing.

I have to go “skate” now, seeing how all the streets are frozen.

Montrealers in Torino – Day 8

No good news today.

Eric Bedard made it as far as the semi-finals in the 1000m short track (it was the umpire’s fault) while bronze medal winner Anouk Leblanc-Boucher failed to qualify after the first round of the 1500m.

The men’s hockey team got a good lesson in humility, losing 2-0 vs the Swiss. Better now than the elimination round. Martin Brodeur did us proud by facing 49 shots on goal. To quote from Marie-Jo, my Hockey Tourette’s was in full form this morning.

Montrealers in Torino – Day 7

She was one of the favorite for the snowboardcross and finished first in all of her preliminary rounds but it almost didn’t happen for Montreal firefighter Dominique Maltais. After falling into the net, she had to jump up several meters to make it past a gate and then slowly made her way back down. Fortunately for her, the fourth boarder had suffered a concussion and left the slope in an ambulance. Unfortunately that fourth boarder was Canadian Maelle Ricker. Dominique Vallee had previously failed to qualify after the second round.

Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon are 4th after the Compulsory Danse Figure Skating.

Another great day in hockey as the women advanced to the finals by beating Finland 6-0. They will meet the Swedes in the Finals on Monday after they did the sport a huge service by beating the US team and proving that women’s hockey can be competitive.

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