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The Metroblogging year in review

I am about to head off to the Eastern Townships but I couldn’t leave without one last last goodbye to 2005. I have thus gone over all of our entries of 2005 and selected a few that, IMHO, represent some of our best work. Of course I was running out of time and I am quite sure that some worthy entries have been forgotten. For that you have my apologies and please feel free to spotlight my failings in the comments section.

Happy new year to you all!!!

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Power Outage

Well I’m due back in Montreal pretty soon, I will arrive on January 3rd late afternoon!

Last night (and this morning too while I was sleeping) we had a power outage in Blanc-Sablon! It was probably due to the freezing rain we’ve had. So for one hour last night I browsed the Internet on my laptop at candlelight (too bad my battery is so bad and only supplies me with one hour!).

It made me think of that “crise du verglas” (ice storm). That was back in 1998. But I didn’t go through that… I was still in my hometown… Hadn’t moved to Montreal yet! I remember watching it on the television. I liked the power outage last night because it was short. I don’t think I would enjoy days without electricity! Especially during Winter time!

New Metro Snowdon

Months ago, the artwork for the each of the subway lines were removed because they were becoming all messed up. They intended to remake them all as closely as possible to the original ones.

IMG_5832 IMG_5831

I was there the other day and I saw they had put up the new artwork. The paintings are the same, but the production looks better. Here’s more about Snowdon metro.



Nobody for Boxing Day…

There was nobody at the mall for boxing day. It was empty, even more empty than on a regurlar Saturday. You must think I’m nuts. Well, it was true for Le Boulevard on corner Pie-IX and Saint-Michel.

Most other big locations like Galerie D’Anjou, Place Cote-Vertu, Place Versailles and, of course, Downtown were packed. Many stores had line ups. What’s new in all I’m saying? Nothing, really. Best sales I came across were at 5ieme avenue; 50-70% off on everything. I was hoping Lacoste would have more than 20% off on what I wanted, but no luck.

In Montreal, Boxing Day is like Saigon in Vietnam, except that here, everybody wears a coat and prices are still higher :P

I expected the subway to be more crowded, but it was great. Nice delays and no service failures. Maybe I was just there at the right place right time.

Is Google having problems?

In case others are having the same problem, I have not been able to contact any Google domain for the last 36 hours. I use Videotron as my ISP and they say the problem is with Google. Doing a tracert on an attempt to visit shows contact with Google IPs but no communication is established. I also do not see Google Adsense ads in the Metroblog blog. Since I have changed nothing in my settings, I’m wondering whether this is a wide-spread problem.


So… It’s the day before Christmas. How do you spend the 24th? Shopping like crazy because you’ve delayed going to the busy malls to buy all the gifts you need for your friends and family? Or enjoying the day doing a fun family activity? Or spending the day preparing some good food?

Tomorrow during the day I’ll be taking it easy, relaxing and just doing nothing. Sadly there aren’t any shops worth going shopping at just for fun here in Blanc-Sablon. If I was in Montr

Favorite Christmas Song

Driving to work today, I thought of another in this favorites series.

What is your favorite Christmas song? Silent Night, Winter Wonderland, White Christmas, or Do They Know It’s Christmas?

And sung by whom? Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, or WHAM!


The song I was listening to this morning was The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole on the album of the same name. The song was written by Mel Torme and Ron Wells. It seems that deep relaxing voice allows everyone to let their guard down to enjoy the presence of one another. And the words reflect the surroundings and the joy of the season. It just puts me in the holiday spirit.

So what’s your favorite? I know it has nothing to do with Montreal, but hey it’s the holiday season.

Between two seasons

winter.pngI was using Google map to see where I need to pick up my daughter after her end-of-school party and realized that some of the images have recently been updated. My house now sits at the exact boundary between summer and winter.

I’m no longer in Montreal… :( snif snif…

Well I’ve left Montreal. This is a view from the plane on a part of the city I don’t know…
Montreal from the sky

UPDATE: According to Frank in the comments he posted the link to this page… But Metroblogging does not allow links in comments… So have a look… It does look like my photograph! :)

I miss Montreal a bit already. I am now in my Blanc-Sablon hometown. Roads are not like in Montreal…
The lonely main road

And though Montreal has tons of entertainment, activities, things to do, shops to shop at, etc, Blanc-Sablon has beautiful sunsets… This one taken from my house’s back porch!
Sunset from back porch

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