Bus ride looking at cars passing by…

When I am sitting in the bus I like to look outside at the cars passing by. What brand of car? How many people sititing in the car? Are they stopping at the orange light or just speeding through? Is the car clean or dirty? All these questions… And yes most of the time in the bus I am very bored. Tonight coming home from Uni the bus stopped at a red light and I noticed a car also waiting for the green light. It’s a nice new car, greyish colour, nice wheel rims, etc. Partial licence plate number 516 MQ_. Then I looked inside the car. There was an integrated in car DVD system. One screen in front near the rearview mirror for the front passenger I assume as well as one screen in the back for the back passengers. Now that’s not that unusual is it… These systems are pretty popular especially with families in long car rides. But tonight on that DVD system something unusual was featured: a porn movie! And because it was dark outside and in the car I could really clearly see the movie’s action on the screens, a man really “enjoying” the company of a woman… Then the light turned to green and the car quickly accelerated and it was gone. I didn’t have time to see who was sitting inside… But I do wonder. What kind of person watches porn in their moving car while driving?!

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  1. Frank (unregistered) on November 29th, 2005 @ 11:03 pm

    It’s actually more common than you think. I read an article about it a couple years back in the states.

  2. JELIEL (unregistered) on November 30th, 2005 @ 8:58 am

    Any driver caught watching TV or on the phone should be arrested and permanently stripped of his drivers liscence.

    Extreme? Yes but when I see little kids running around, it takes a single moment of distraction and bang… we get road-side memorials with pictures, crosses and teddy bears and flowers and broken families….

    There are enough variables out of your control that can cause you to have an accident (such as getting blinded by intense sunlight, or black ice, or other drivers affected by these variables)

    If you’re too stupid to NOT drive while intoxicated, if your too stupid to know that the phone can wait, that your too stupid to wait to get home to watch TV, then you are to stupid to drive. Permit revoked end of story.

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