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The Loto-Qu

That was freaky for a while

In normal times, the reception of a piece of junk mail from my alma mater, the University of North Carolina, wouldn’t be worth a blog entry. That is, until I realized that it was sent to my home address in Pierrefonds but that I had received it at my workplace.

Could it be that Post Canada, a crown corporation, knows that I work in a federal institute? What else do they know about me? Why go through all of that effort for a piece of junk mail?

After shaking my head for a couple of minutes, I realized that they used my home address but that the postal code came from my work address (makes it hard to believe that I have a Ph.D.). A quick visit to the Canada Post web page confirmed that our building is big enough to warrant its own postal code. From now on, I’ll simply write my work address as Andre Nantel, H4P 2R2, Canada.

Everything else is irrelevant.

The Great Canadian Podcasters’ Meetup Road Tour in Montreal


And a fun time was had by all. So far I can only find one picture so far, although I know that there were a bunch of photos taken.

The roll call goes as follows. Emru Townsend, Bob & AJ, Dave Jaffer, Krash and Betty from The Oka Zoo, Julien Smith, Cathy from The CatFish Show, Steve Breau, Vaughn Johansen, AJ Kandy (what’s up with all the AJ’s?), Ella, Nick, Fred, Hugh McGuire of Dose, MC of Vu d’ici fame, Michael, myself, Jenny Lofgreen, Andrea, and our host/celebrity of the evening, Tod Maffin.

Door prizes and swag were given away, thanks to Julien of In Over Your Head, many beers were consumed, and with a little luck there should be a Montreal Podcasters greatest hits going around soon.

Happy Christmas, Micha

I was quite worried to hear that there was to be no Christmas tree at Rideau Hall this year. It supposedly was going to be called a Holiday Tree. Thankfully the Gazette sets this straight this morning. It was only the idea of some staffer and our Governor-General had never considered this.

In a multicultural society such as ours we can all celebrate with each other the various feasts and festivals. This is not the US melting-pot where all moves to the same average culture. Here we’re all different. Vives Les Diff

Dose of Architecture – Point-a-Calliere


I know this building has been around for over a decade, but it is one that is well known by the architecture community outside of Quebec. So if you don’t know about it. Here are some points about it.

Pointe-a-Calliere was built in 1992. The building was designed by the renowned Montreal firm of Dan S. Hanganu Architects. The complex is composed of three elements: the Customs House, the crypt, and the “Eperon” shown in the photo. The general form of the Eperon mimics the form of the Royal Insurance Building which former sat on the site. Many elements of the building harken back to the past history of the site. The colonade at the cafe level is “reminiscent of a widow’s walk, a rooftop walkway from which a sailor’s widow would look out to sea.” The elements of the building also play on it’s archeology. “The squares in the slate floor and the ceiling of the lobby are evocative of the grids used by archaeologists in their work.” Overall the building creates a superb focal point on Quai la Commune toward the west end of the Old Port. If you have the opportunity, check out the building, the museum, and the bookstore in the Customs House. Also climb up to the top of the campanile for a nice view of the Old Port.

Bus ride looking at cars passing by…

When I am sitting in the bus I like to look outside at the cars passing by. What brand of car? How many people sititing in the car? Are they stopping at the orange light or just speeding through? Is the car clean or dirty? All these questions… And yes most of the time in the bus I am very bored. Tonight coming home from Uni the bus stopped at a red light and I noticed a car also waiting for the green light. It’s a nice new car, greyish colour, nice wheel rims, etc. Partial licence plate number 516 MQ_. Then I looked inside the car. There was an integrated in car DVD system. One screen in front near the rearview mirror for the front passenger I assume as well as one screen in the back for the back passengers. Now that’s not that unusual is it… These systems are pretty popular especially with families in long car rides. But tonight on that DVD system something unusual was featured: a porn movie! And because it was dark outside and in the car I could really clearly see the movie’s action on the screens, a man really “enjoying” the company of a woman… Then the light turned to green and the car quickly accelerated and it was gone. I didn’t have time to see who was sitting inside… But I do wonder. What kind of person watches porn in their moving car while driving?!

Climate Change

There is this UN conference on climate change starting today in Montreal. I like big events like this conference

The BBC or The Globe and Mail?


Lamacq Live, a documentary radio show about music broadcast on the BBC jumps on the Montreal is happening bandwagon, while the Globe and Mail attempts to start pounding nails into the coffin.

Now Perhaps U2 Too

Things really seem to be buzzing this weekend. It was announced that Mayor Tremblay has been elected as Vice-President of the International Association of Francophone Mayors. Hopefully this evening our Alouettes will bring back the Grey Cup after a sound beating of the Eskimos. .. and yesterday evening U2 said they were coming to live in Montreal. Not sure what that means but they couldn’t have made a sounder choice.

Lots of famous people in town this week

U2 and Lech Walensa are here right now while this week’s global warming conference will see presentations by George Bush’s other wife (Condie) and pet poodle (Tony Blair).

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