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Nice work people

I just want to use this entry to publicly thank you for your many contributions this month. Metroblogging Montreal has seen 62 entries for all of October. For the mathematically-impaired that’s 2 per day which has certainly helped to increase traffic by a significant margin. Less than 25% of entries were written yours truly which is also an improvement.

Drinks are on me at the next Yulblog.

UNICEF Funds Collected This Evening Go To Rwanda

I notice that the funds the children collect tonight in their UNICEF boxes as they ‘trick and treat’ will all go to Rwanda. The children in Rwanda need all this and much, much more. I hope folk will be extra generous.

Interface[s] Montr

There’s an interesting new activity in Montreal that’s been running from October 4 and goes on to November 29. Every Tuesday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm at the Society for Arts and Technology, there’s a series of Demos-Conferences on the Digital Interface – enabling interaction between Man and Machine. There’s also a Directory, which will eventually collect the information on all the experts in these topics in Montreal. Looks intriguing. More information on the Interface[s] Montr

Canada & The Darfur Crisis

I took a class on History of Genocide a semester ago and really liked learning about these terrible events. The professor, Frank Chalk, was one of the best professor’s I’ve experienced at Concordia (very knowledgeable, interesting, bit tough, etc). He emailed me (as well as other former students of his class) to tell us about a conference held on Tuesday November 1 at Concordia.

It’s called Canada & The Darfur Crisis. The whole program seems very interesting! I will certainly attend Lt.-Gen. Rom

Happy Halloween

Gossip around the lab is that the metro was a real freak show this morning as many schools allowed their students to dress up for the occasion. Of course some of the freaks are my own flesh and blood.

Voting early + Christmas decorations

At around 18h I got home from meeting with a group at Uni for a project we are working on. I think it was on the news I saw today was the day to go vote in advance for the municipal elections… For those who can’t make it on November 6th. Although I was tired and hungry I decided to go out to vote tonight. Because I will be working on the 6th. And afterall it is our duty to vote, isn’t it? It wasn’t too far from home, 5 minutes on foot. When I arrived, there were 20 people working there. And how many voters? 1… Me! I darkened the circles of my choices (3 candidates: mayor, borough & city counciller). And then put my sheet in the neat computer machine. Within 5 minutes I was done.

On my way back from voting I passed on a little street I normally don’t use. And to my surprise there was an appartment building already decorated with Christmas decorations! Christmas lights all around the doors and in the trees!! Before Halloween!!! I think they win the prize for earliest Christmas decorations.

Time to change again

Again, don’t forget to change your clock to the correct time. Here your chance to turn back time.

An afternoon at the Jardin Botanique

Today I finally got around doing something other than work or school! A real activity! I went to the Jardin Botanique. And I’ve got 10 photographs to share.

I arrived at the end of the afternoon as I wanted to find some coloured trees to photograph. I don’t have time for a real fall foliage day trip so this is the best I could think of! In the Japanese garden I found some really nice red trees and all around there were lots of nice yellow ones too!

Nice contrast of the soft white with the bright red leafs…
Image hosted by

Little berries…
Image hosted by

A lake… Almost feels like I am not in the city anymore!
Image hosted by

Nice colours in the trees…
Image hosted by

I also went to see the pumpkins in the Grande Serre for Halloween. I thought it was classic pumpkin designs but they were all wacky, painted & made with props. I still enjoyed it (though it was very crowded with a lot of children)!

A cow pumpkin…
Image hosted by

A “scary” ghost…
Image hosted by

As the sun set I went to the Lanterns exhibition at the Chinese garden. The darker it got the more beautiful it was! And the colder it got too!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

A part of the main decorations…
Image hosted by

Birds and man…
Image hosted by

Both the pumpkins and the lanterns are scheduled until the 31st of October so you have a few days left to go!

Temporary Fix

I saw this vehicle for the first time driving up and down Sherbrooke on Thursday.


The print on the side of the truck called it the ‘Roadpatcher’. It has been interesting to see the variety of road maintenance vehicles that Montreal has. Such as the mini snow bulldozers or the truck that sprays water all over the street.


The arm off the front of the vehicle was spraying down a mixture of pebbles and low-strength concrete into any potholes or significant dips. But it seems like an odd time of year to do temporary fixes. This probably won’t last very far into the winter. The temperatures are still good enough to do a proper patch job of the potholes that have developed over the summer. It seems mid-winter would be a good time for this guy to make some rounds. But then again, these temporary fixes only have to last until everyone returns from the polls Sunday night, Nov. 6th.

I’d like to thank the academy…

Nominations are now open for the 2005 Canadian Blog Awards. It looks like the R.O.C. was trying to pull one behind us, a quick peek at the sites nominated to date shows nothing from Quebec.

Get busy people!

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